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Greator GmbH
Greator GmbHposted an updateToday
We are excited to present our new faces for May! As part of our onboarding each month our CEO Alexander Müller is happy to welcome our new team members during a coffee chat. ☕️ There, any questions concerning our company can be addressed. 🚀We are looking forward to working with these new talents!
Greator GmbH
Greator GmbHposted an update2 days ago
Today we would like to present to you our core value “No Jedöns”. We focus on measurable impact. 💥 For us, Jedöns is all the white noise and fuss from unnecessary actions or inefficient systems that slow us down. If it doesn’t add enough value to the business or further develop us and our customers, we just don’t do it. How do you get rid of your own personal Jedöns? 💭❓
Greator GmbH
Greator GmbHposted an update22 April
Last week, our fantastic Learning & Development Manager Dinye Hernanda invited us to participate in a great Google initiative that had a lasting impact on us. 💥 8 Greator employees had the honour to participate in the #Iamremarkableworkshop with Ximena Paula Barbano. Ximena is not only a brilliant ambassador for empowering underrepresented groups and embracing diversity but also a true role model in shifting perspectives and exemplifying that change starts with ourselves. We can only recommend...

At Greator, we enable people to live happy, successful and fulfilled lives by supporting their personal development - lifelong. Our vision is to become the world's leading platform for personal development by guiding and inspiring our community every day. Our products include personal coaching offerings such as the Greator...

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