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Informatio GmbH
Informatio GmbHposted this article6 June 2016
Based on the input of Data Domain Administrators the monitoring service delivers the following automated rules and reporting possibilities - Detection of Compression Rate Changes (Filesytem and MTree Level) - Detection of sudden Growth - Detection of periods without cleaning - Growth Estimation Further developments are planned based on customer feedback Best regards to all, Holger
Informatio GmbH
Informatio GmbHposted this article27 January 2015
After a successfull 2014 we have been able to meet the silver partner criteria for 2015. That way we can continue to deliver EMC products based projects :-) A big thank you to our customers who have enabled us with their projects to meet the goals. Stay tuned in 2015 as we'll invest a lot into Big Data Know How as well as features for Isilon to build the infrastructure for your Hadoop environments. Best regards to all, Holger
Informatio GmbH
Informatio GmbHposted this article27 February 2014
With alot of competition in the IT-market place for hardware deals and winning customers, you need to look at what makes your offering unique and attractive for customers. This is done with services based around the infrastructure that the customer is considering or already has in place. Our successful Managed Services is now available to Resellers with a branding option. Resellers are then able to have full access to all customer reports in Automonitor portal including Dashboard overview and ...

Proactive monitoring reports are created on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the chosen service level. All service levels contain a growth estimation at the physical level to ensure that physical capacity utilisation and growth is tracked to avoid capacity related issues. All customers benefit from not only the weekly...

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