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Jabatix S.A.


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Jabatix S.A.
Jabatix S.A.posted an update1 June
Risks from turnaround in interest rates threaten mortgage business - what can builders, savers, and banks expect? Those who cannot afford their dream of a proper homestead anymore will cause problems for banks. Solutions based on artificial intelligence help identify probabilities of default early on and issue warnings of major damages in advance. How does that work? Find out in our article!
Jabatix S.A.
Jabatix S.A.posted an update12 April
Jabatix wishes you a happy Easter!
Jabatix S.A.
Jabatix S.A.posted an update29 March
API technology by Jabatix Check out our API library that perfectly documents how easy and effective any integration work could be. Your software development has never been faster than with Jabatix. Find out more:

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Jabatix is the state-of-the-art cloud banking platform. A SaaS platform for financial accounting. Jabatix offers a scalable, secure cloud-native technology, thus providing you with a future-proof architecture fully focused on the topics of accounting, finance & risk management, including reporting in accordance with IFRS,...

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