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meidrix biomedicals GmbH
meidrix biomedicals GmbHposted an update1 December 2021
Medirix Biomedicals stands for improving collagen improving life
meidrix biomedicals GmbH
meidrix biomedicals GmbHposted an update29 April 2021
We want to share some great news with you: „First surgery in China for cartilage regeneration on the knee with ChondroFiller® liquid, manufactured by meidrix biomedicals GmbH, Germany. The Arthroscopical surgery was performed by Prof. Shiyi Chen, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy Surgery, Fudan University Sports Medicine Center, Huashan Hospital, Shanghai China, a leading specialist in China in orthopedic sports medicine & arthroscopy surgery ...
meidrix biomedicals GmbH
meidrix biomedicals GmbHposted an update19 March 2021
Dear all! meidrix invites you to the next ChondroFiller liquid webinar. Speakers are Dr. Michaela Noll (CEO meidrix), Prof. Dr. Jörg Jerosch (Director of the Orthopedic Hospital Johanna Etienne) and Prof. Chen Shiyi (Director of the Sports Medicine Institute of Fudan University). March 26th, 8 p.m. (Peking time) / 1 p.m. (Berlin time) Please register by email to

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Das medizintechnische Unternehmen meidrix biomedicals GmbH entwickelt und produziert Medizinprodukte zur Regeneration von Weichteildefekten, beispielsweise Knorpeldefekten in Gelenken, auf Basis nativer, hochreiner Kollagenlösungen. Die Biomatrices ChondroFiller dienen als Medizinprodukte Klasse III sowohl der Defektabdeckung...

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