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QCAM Currency Asset Management AG


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QCAM Currency Asset Management AG
QCAM Currency Asset Management AGposted an update1 December 2022
QCAM MONTHLY December 2022 QCAM Insight: «2023 sneak preview FX markets were driven by unexpected events and developments in 2022, notably the Ukraine war and the rapid adjustment in monetary policy. The big winner was the USD although it lost some of its gains in recent weeks. In our view, … #FX #QCAMInsight #Economy #InterestRates #FXMarkets #FXAnalytics
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QCAM Currency Asset Management AG - Switzerland (Zug) QCAM Currency Asset Management AG ist ein unabhängiges Schweizer Finanzunternehmen mit spezifischem Fokus auf Currency- und Asset Management. Wir bieten Produkte & Dienstleistungen in verschiedenen Währungs- und Asset Management Themen an: Currency...

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