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  • Register with car2go free of charge. Includes €5 starting credit.
  • Find, rent, drive and park cars via app.
  • Get a €5 voucher every two months.

car2go: Rent a car whenever you need one.

Rent cars in 14 European cities whenever you need them. Thanks to XING Premium you'll save the €9 registration fee. You'll also receive €5 starting credit as well.*

After joining you can also copy a voucher code here every two months to receive €5 of car2go credit.**

car2go joins SHARE NOW:
SHARE NOW will be the world’s largest carsharing provider. With the combined global fleets of both car2go and DriveNow, there will be more carsharing cities around the world and a wider range of premium vehicles to choose from. And you’ll only need one app to access them.

* You won't be charged a car2go registration fee when registering and validating an account via XING by 28 February 2020. You'll also receive a €5 car2go credit within 3 working days of validating your driving licence. This credit is valid for 30 days and may only be used within Germany.

** With XING Premium, car2go customers also receive a €5 car2go voucher code every two months. The voucher code can be redeemed up to 60 days after each campaign is rolled out. The car2go credit will be credited to the corresponding private account within 3 working days of redemption and is valid for 60 days. This credit may only be used within Germany.