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  • Get one free summary every week.
  • Available on the web, in apps and for e-readers.
  • New: Listen to a summary of every audiobook.

getAbstract: Business book summaries

Knowledge is more important that ever before. Reading can open many doors, but it's also time-consuming. With getAbstract you can read the main points of a book in five pages and just ten minutes.

That way, you can get the lowdown in next to no time. As a Premium member you'll receive one free summary of a top getAbstract title, either by e-mail or via the getAbstract app.

NEW: All of your existing summaries are also available offline in the app by tapping on the like and read later lists. The channels you follow have a direct influence on the business book topics. You'll also get an audiobook summary of each book, which is great for when you're on the go.

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