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  • Do your accounting the easy way, be it online or in the app
  • Get the full version of "Buchhaltung & Berichte" free for 6 months
  • Get a free training course from the Lexware Akademie

Do your accounting online or in the app - the choice is yours.

lexoffice online software (in German) helps freelancers, small businesses and the self-employed make light work of their accounting processes, ranging from quotations to invoices, customer management to tax returns, and much more.

As a Premium member you can use lexoffice "Buchhaltung & Berichte" free of charge for 6 months (total value €101.40; offer applies to new lexoffice customers in Germany). Your contract can be terminated monthly with no minimum term. Within one week of registering you'll also receive an e-mail containing a voucher for a "Wissen für Unternehmer" training course in the Lexware Akademie.