Ivan Kuchin

Employee, Data Engineer, XING GmbH & Co. KG

Hamburg, Germany


Professional experience for Ivan Kuchin

  • Current , since Mar 2020

    Data Engineer

    XING GmbH & Co. KG

  • Current , since Apr 2015

    Senior Software Engineer

    XING GmbH & Co. KG

    Solution architecture, microservices, user data collection, onboarding/upboarding/next best action, SPA, data engineering, functional programming, A/B testing infrastructure, evaluation and better practices, interviewing and onboarding new engineers, mentoring, open source and shared tooling, business and technical dashboards. Some technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Postgres, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, AMQP, Graylog, Grafana, Graphite, Docker, Kubernetes, JavaScript, jQuery, React, Redux, Graphql

  • 3 years and 8 months, Sep 2011 - Apr 2015

    Web developer, main developer/technical lead for one project, process consultant


    Specification, design and development of application for managing all visits (>85000 visitors per year) and other activities related to public outreach, technical lead for up to 3 developers. Created RoR application to handle submission of visit requests. Migrated IPPOG resources db from docdb to Drupal. Creation of several small Drupal apps, maintenance of static websites. Main technologies: Ruby on Rails, Groovy, Java, Grails, GWT, GXT, Hibernate, Spring, Oracle, PL/SQL, Drupal, HTML, CSS, JS

  • 6 months, Mar 2011 - Aug 2011

    Main developer


    Development of web portal for yachtsmen and interested people. Maintenance of server. Main technologies: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, CSS, git

  • 5 months, Nov 2010 - Mar 2011

    Freelance and open source projects

    Main technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, CSS, HAML, JavaScript, D3, Objective C

  • 2 years and 8 months, Apr 2008 - Nov 2010

    Agile Web Developer


    Creation, development and maintenance of multiple web sites and web application. Main technologies: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Canvas, CSS, git

  • 7 months, Sep 2007 - Mar 2008

    Web Developer


    Creation and development of different web sites, mostly client side in flash. Main technologies: Flash, ActionScript, JavaScript, CSS, PHP

  • 2 years, Sep 2005 - Aug 2007

    Web developer


    Creation, development and maintenance of various web sites and web applications. Technical maintenance, training of recruits. Main technologies: PHP, JavaScript, Flash, CSS, Canvas, XSL

  • 3 months, Jun 2005 - Aug 2005

    Programmer / Student


  • 2 months, Jun 2004 - Jul 2004

    Programmer / Student


    Participated in the development of EDH (Electronic Document Handling) project used by about 10 thousand people. Finding solution for visualisation of financial documents, changing testing structure, writing tests for core part, localising bugs and potential problems, using XSL:FO to convert electronic form to PDF for printing. Main technologies: Oracle, PL/SQL, Java, JDBC, JUnit, XML, XPath, XSLT, XSL-FO

Educational background for Ivan Kuchin

  • 3 months, Mar 2014 - May 2014

    Discrete Optimization

    The University of Melbourne / Coursera

  • 2 months, Nov 2013 - Dec 2013

    Principles of Reactive Programming

    EPFL / Coursera

  • 3 months, Mar 2013 - May 2013

    Functional Programming Principles in Scala

    EPFL / Coursera


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