Mirek Ratman


is partially available.

Gesellschafter, Founder, Managing director, Asyncro Ltd

Prague, Czech Republic


very good knowledge of XHTML
PHP OOP programing
social networking and positioning knowledge (keyw
php programming
web design
graphic design
SEO optymalization
website development)


Professional experience for Mirek Ratman

  • Current 1 year and 11 months, since Oct 2020

    Team leader, Principal architect


    - responsible for key online web services and web infrastructure team - planning and overseeing system architecture and development processes for multiple Avast web platforms: Avast, Avg,HMA - transforming business goals to exact solutions - supporting project managers and directors with technical aspects of all ongoing and future projects - responsible for effective multi-team communication regarding online services - managing dev activities across team of developers and testers

  • Current 4 years and 5 months, since Apr 2018

    Founder, Managing director

    Asyncro Ltd

    ... monetize your travel websites!

  • Current 16 years and 8 months, since Jan 2006

    Web Developer , Web Designer , ZEND , PHP and Javascript OOP Developer - Founder


    Founder and main Web Developer. All company websites traffic is around 300 000+ visits / 1 500 000 pageviews monthly Responsible of developing and maintaining my private websites based on: - XHTML, CSS, - PHP OOP, jQuery/javaScript OOP, ZEND - MySql, API, WebServices, WSDL technologies. Also responsible for: - graphics design and flash elements/presentations, - websites SEO optymalization and positioning, - SEM and social marketing, - domaining.

  • 1 year and 4 months, Jul 2019 - Oct 2020

    Principal Architect, Lead Developer


    - planning, implementing and overseeing system architecture and development processes - transforming business requests to exact solutions - taking care of implementation, compatibility and security aspects - supporting developers with day-to-day activities - supporting project managers with technical aspects of projects - managing dev activities across team

  • 1 year, Jul 2018 - Jun 2019

    Senior Developer


    - delivering mostly backend solutions for company marketing websites - AVAST, AVG, HMA - Security and performance optimization for website - OOP in JS / NodeJS / PHP MVC frameworks - Hubspot Framework design and implementation (convert Hubspot blogging system to almost fully functional webportal - example https://www.avast.com/c-academy)

  • 2 years and 1 month, Jul 2016 - Jul 2018

    Senior Backend Developer (PHP, Javascript/NodeJS, Doctrine, ElasticSearch)


    MallGroup Ltd. (a part of Rockaway Capital Group - rockawaycapital.com)

  • 2 years and 2 months, Mar 2016 - Apr 2018

    Senior Backend Developer (PHP, Javascript, Doctrine, Elastic Search)

    E-commerce Holding Ltd. (a part of Rockaway Capital Group - rockawaycapital.com)

    E-commerce Holding Ltd. (a part of Rockaway Capital Group/MallGroup - RockawayCapital.com/MallGroup.com) Group projects: MALL.pl, MALL.cz, MALL.sk, MALL.hu, MIMOVRSTE.com HEUREKA.cz CZC.cz, KOLONIAL.cz prodeti.cz bambino.sk bigbrands.cz, bigbrands.sk rozbaleno.cz, rozbalene.sk chytryhonza.cz, bileto.com invia.cz, invia.pl

  • 6 months, Sep 2015 - Feb 2016


    ZOOT a.s. (zoot.cz, zoot.sk, zoot.ro)

  • 8 months, Jan 2015 - Aug 2015

    Senior Backend Developer (NodeJS ZEND PHP MongoDB Redis)

    AVAST Software

    I'm responsible for: - delivering mostly backend solutions for main company website - AVAST.COM, - Security and performance optimization for website with 1,5 BILLION views monthly, - OOP in ExtJs / NodeJS / FatFree / ZEND / NETTE frameworks, - MySql / PostgreSQL / MongoDB / Redis, - PHPUnit, Composer, GIT - Doctrine / Doctrine ODM, SOAP, REST, - preparing documentation, basic unit tests for delivered functionality - basic administration of internal Linux server for marketing purposes,

  • 3 years and 5 months, Sep 2011 - Jan 2015

    Senior Web Developer AVAST.COM, Javascript Web Developer , ZEND , PHP, SEO, OOP

    AVAST Software - Prague, Czech Republic

    I'm responsible for: - delivering backend and frontend solutions for main company website - AVAST.COM, - working with OOP PHP, OOP Javascript/jQuery/ExtJs, - cross-browser compatibile XHTML, CSS, - delivering/fixing current code to keep it validated and semantic, - delivering optimized code for website with 1,5 bilion+ views monthly, - preparing documentation, basic unit tests, and errors notification for delivered functionality - UI/UX support and analysis, and more...

  • 1 year and 10 months, Nov 2009 - Aug 2011

    Web Developer , Web designer , Javascript , PHP , ZEND , Ajax Web Developer

    Livescore.com Ltd - Prague, Czech Republic

    Software developer, Web developer, websites optimization, iPhone Web Developer, HTML, CSS, ZEND, PHP Javascript / Ajax Programmer, Web Designer, SEO consultant, Graphics designer, Flash animator, Work with hi-traffic websites 1 000 000 000+ views monthly.

  • 2 years and 7 months, Jun 2007 - Dec 2009

    Web Developer - Front-end , Web designer , PHP developer

    eSKY Ltd. (currently eSKY Inc.)

    Responsible of: - product pages, - search forms, - result pages, - booking forms, - partially graphic design in technologies xhtml,css,javascript/jquery, php, smarty, photoshop.

  • 2 years and 9 months, Mar 2007 - Nov 2009

    Web Developer , Web Designer , Ajax , SEO

    Work Express Ltd.

    Lead web developer. Responsible of maintain and delivering frontend and backend solutions for company website. Developing flash scripts and presentations, SEO consultant. Some of company projects: - www.workexpress.pl - author, web manager, (design, xhtml, css, zend framework, php, phptal, javascript) - szkolimy.katowice.pl - author (xhtml, css, php, phptal, simplyFRAMEWORK) - pflegekraefteauspolen.de - co-author (xhtml, css, php, phptal, simplyFRAMEWORK)

  • 2 years and 9 months, Mar 2007 - Nov 2009

    Web Developer , Web Designer , PHP , ZEND , Javascript , SEO

    Jobexpress Ltd.

    Co-author, responsible for delivering part of the core functionality and frontend coding. - XHTML, CSS, - PHP, ZEND, PHPTAL - routeCONTROLLER - my own solution implementation - SEO consultant

  • 3 years and 4 months, Feb 2004 - May 2007

    Web Developer , Web designer , PHP Developer

    4-M Advertisement Agency

    webmaster, web developer, web designer, PHP, XHTML, CSS

  • 1 year and 9 months, Mar 2005 - Nov 2006

    Web Developer , Flash Developer , Graphics Designer

    Empiro Ltd.

    graphics for presentation, website, webmaster, webdesigner, flash developer, będzin, śląsk (silesia), poland

  • 5 years and 7 months, Sep 1999 - Mar 2005

    Web Developer , Web Designer , PHP Developer , IT Help Desk


    Responsible of company website. PHP/Javascript developing and graphics design, design for print, IT help desk (network, os systems problems, office applications)

  • 10 months, Oct 2001 - Jul 2002

    Regional coordinator

    POLYMUS BTL Advertisement Agency Ltd.

    Regional coordination of advertisement events in silesia region of Poland such as product promotions, merchandising, new product events

  • 9 months, Sep 1998 - May 1999

    Web Developer, IT Help Desk


    Web developer, IT help desk, Novell NetWare administrator

Educational background for Mirek Ratman

  • 5 years, Oct 1997 - Sep 2002

    Materials Science & Technology

    University of Silesia - Katowice - Poland

    master's thesis of symulations processes in materials: - simulations was written in Borland Delphi. Project is available here http://ising.ratman.pl


  • Polish

    First language

  • English


  • Czech



new experiences and goals
non standard SEO and positioning solutions
new programing knowledge e
inspirations solutions for mobile devices. (keywords: website development
website developer
mobile website developer
hi-traffic website developer
czech website developer
poland developer)


bike sports
SEO & WEB Usability & Accessibility problems
good and specific music (Joe Cocker
atb and more...)
beautifull cars www.astonmartin.com - unaccessible yet :(

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