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Internet and IT

Cuxhavener Str. 10a, 28217 Bremen

Phone +49 172 1019 827 E-mail

  • changr, enablr, thinkr

    We enable you to step up your game and be part of the business leaders – we are enablrs!

    You need input to boost your creativity? You are building a new team and need to channel ideas in order to get the most out of your team members? You are on the way to a business meeting with an investor and need help designing and presenting your pitch? Why shouldn’t we take a train ride together and prepare you on the go with necessary tools and input – we are thinkrs!

    Changes can be scary and fast, we offer guidance through the extensive process of change – we are changrs!

    We lend you a helping hand and if you are looking for a flexible, young, modern, competent and innovative team – search no more, you have found us.