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Beep Solutions - Call Center

Beep Solutions - Call Center


Beep Solutions
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    Are you tired of customer service being only an expense?

    For most companies customer service are an expense, we solve this by offering our customers a selling and cost-effective customer service solution which claims a positive result in your accounts. Whether you want to put over all or part of your customer service to us, we promise efficient operations and increased flexibility.

    1.      Lower labor costs

    2.      Increased sales

    3.      Improved customer service

    With our experience in out / inbound call center we offer the following concepts, in German:

    24/7 Info hotline


    Rewarding games

    Virtual Office

    Virtual secretary

    Central Telephone

    Telesales, Teleshopping and acceptance of orders

    All this in combination with active sales (Outbound)

    Lead generation - OPTIN Campaign

    Profit Clients

    Customer Care Campaign

    Appointments for the service and sales staff

    Information campaign

    Collecting data - database administration and data updates

    Events invitations

    Receivables management via call and email for your

    Customer retention and Churn prevention Programs