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Digitalization | IoT | Big Data | Cloud solutions | Startups

Digitalization | IoT | Big Data | Cloud solutions | Startups

Internet und Informationstechnologie / IT-Dienstleister

Zelena street, 115B, 4th floor, 79035 Lviv

Telefon +380 95 361 18 02 E-Mail

  • Custom Software Development

    Custom software development is our core competency. We work together with our customers to develop customized software solution using the latest technologies. Our main area of expertise is custom business management systems, such as CRM, ERP, Document Management and Reports Systems, Project Management Applications.

    Internet of Things

    • Design and creation of look & feel prototype, MVP
    • Develop a mobile app (iOS/Android) to set up and manage the device, and use it to explore data and notifications
    • Back-end/Cloud & API
    • Bring more functionality, gather and analyze data, either by using a custom cloud or connecting the device to BAAS/PAAS
    • Connecting devices and systems

    SaaS / Cloud solutions

    • Cloud Applications Development
    • Cloud Implementation (private, public and hybrid delivery models)
    • Cloud Applications Migration (solutions for migration on-premise services to the cloud)
    • Web and mobile apps development
    • Integration of external services, platforms, and interfaces into cloud.