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Leadership practices that work

Leadership practices that work

Beratung und Consulting

Claxus Management Consulting
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  • Services

    Claxus speakers, facilitators, consultants and trainers enable your teams to solve tough problems.

    Leader Development
    Claxus prepares leaders to lead themselves, lead teams and lead organizations. Leaders at all levels learn how to energize others, drive performance, develop talent and lead change.

    Culture Building
    As facilitator and sparring partner, Claxus provides the support needed to shape culture—one person, one leader, one team at a time.

    Change Facilitation
    What should be different and why? Claxus supports change leaders before, during and after change to fight fear and pave the way for organizational development.

    Keynotes & Events
    Mark Milotich energizes audiences to undertake the journey of personal transformation with him. His keynotes (in English and German) are insightful, fun, hands-on and utterly practical.