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We amplify startups with software engineering & consultancy

We amplify startups with software engineering & consultancy

Internet und Informationstechnologie / Software

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  • We are experts, experienced in creating successful innovative products. Our services are especially designed to add value to startups like yours!

    Let's skip the trial and error part in the product design and development and focus on the fun one -> building a successful solution that generates income and makes the difference.

    We'd like to hear from you and get to know your challenges or problems. Together we will solve them more quickly!

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    Software Architecture, Software development, SDLC, IT Security

    Teodor Todorov
    Teodor Todorov
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    Evgeni Minchev
    Evgeni Minchev
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    How we help?

    We add value to your product at every step of its creation - from the rough idea till the support phase. It's never too early or late to get expert help and support.
    As experts, we can solve your challenges by generating ideas & designs, plans and documentation or directly code your product.
    Use our expertise and experience to do the most in every phase.

    Where are you at the development road? What's your challenge?

    Let's solve it together!


    Why it matters?

    Your idea can change the world when the solution based on it solves real-world problems in the best possible way.

    Symptoms for gaps
    • You do not have a list of people, waiting for the product to be completed.
    • There is no written definition of the problem you solve and the persona that needs the solution.
    • You have not conducted meetings with domain experts to validate the solution.
    • The solution is considered valuable because you or your team members need it.
    How we help
    • Validate the idea by interviewing your prospects.
    • Define and validate the minimal functionality that a viable product implements.
    • Generate a list of leads and prospects that expect the launch and are ready to pay for the product right away.


    Why it matters?

    The processes and the right methodology help you get the most out of the current resources and be able to scale.

    Symptoms for gaps
    • You use an interpretation of scrum, but only conduct standup meetings and no other ceremonies.
    • In spite of the overtime, you're not likely to complete the product on time.
    • Adding engineers to the team does not work for you and has failed multiple times.
    • You have a considerable amount of technical debt and it continues piling up.
    How we help
    • Analyze your current processes and suggest ways to improve the productivity.
    • Suggest the best methodology for your project and train you how to implement it.
    • Help you do more with the current resources by analyzing and addressing specific gaps in the process.

    Research / UX design and information architecture

    Why it matters?

    Even the early versions of the product need to be intuitive and solve the problem efficiently.

    Symptoms for gaps
    • The decisions about usability are based on the common team opinion about the already developed product.
    • There is no prototype of a click-dummy that simulates the product and is used for UX testing.
    • The user stories are written by the development team.
    • The site-map is generated mainly based on what the competitors do.
    • The developers prepare wireframes for the user interfaces.
    • The product failed the user acceptance testing (UAT) phase.
    How we help
    • Prepare clickable prototypes of the product.
    • Design and document the UX flow and key decisions.
    • Conduct a workshop to refine the UX flows.
    • Audit your site or other assets and suggest a strategy for improvements.
    • Document a information architecture vision, personas, taxonomy, communication guidelines and full UX design.

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    Information Architecture and UX Design expert

    Evgeni Minchev
    Evgeni Minchev
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    Discovery / Requirements analysis and definition

    Why it matters?

    By properly defining structured, clear and complete requirements, the product manager has full control over the final result. 
    The scope is clearly defined, a better estimation is possible and the team can focus on software engineering, not guessing what`s right or wrong. 
    New team-members can be added quickly and efficiently.

    Symptoms for gaps
    • An average user story is usually estimated to more than a week.
    • A functionality that`s considered completed from the dev-team is improved and reworked for sprints.
    • There is no clearly defined acceptance criteria to each story.
    • Sometimes contradictory requirements raise long discussions and it`s hard to figure out their origins.
    • New functionalities are raised as bugs.
    How we help
    • We can analyze, validate and document the requirements using storyboard and prototyping methodologies, use case diagrams etc
    • Conduct trainings about requirement gathering, validation and documenting.
    • Check the current backlog and convert the stories using the INVEST principles.
    • Prepare wireframes, style-guides and layouts.
    • Enhance the traceability, relations and cohesion of the requirements by generating and maintaining a traceability matrix.

    Software Design and Architecture

    Why it matters?

    The successful product is secure, fast, scalable, available and durable. To achieve such an architecture, a systemic and structured approach is required. Documented or not, there is always an architecture. The question is if it happened by chance or by intend, if you understood and planned it or will you figure out its imperfections when it fails.

    Symptoms for gaps
    • The non-functional requirements (NFR) are not documented and understood by the engineers (developers, QAs).
    • There are no quality attribute scenarios defined for the product.
    • The product experiences security, performance, availability or other issues.
    • There is no clear vision on how the product will scale under high load.
    • The changes in the product are hard to implement, time consuming or often break already completed functionalities.
    • The security is not explicitly tested using tools for penetration testing and code analysis.
    • There is no established process for static code analysis, gathering and analysis of the code quality metrics.
    How we help
    • Analyze and document software quality attributes, define their business value & tradeoffs and generate plan for achieving them.
    • Organize Quality attribute scenarios workshop to validate the currently defined attributes and communicate them to all stakeholders in a meaningful and understandable way.
    • Calculate the production, support and infrastructure cost of the product.
    • Calculate and analyze the product capacity and define ways to enhance it.
    • Document a full Software Architecture Vision.
    • Define code quality goals & metrics and analyze the current codebase.
    • Assess the current architecture and identify risks and propose improvements.

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    Solution Architecture, IoT

    Teodor Todorov
    Teodor Todorov
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    Planing and Estimation

    Why it matters?

    The right planing makes the progress predictable and easy to track. The correct estimations are the difference between a success and failure in terms of time and resources.

    Symptoms for gaps
    • Your project is under a risk of not meeting the deadline.
    • You have almost spent the whole budget or more but the project is not completed.
    • Technical debt is constantly generated.
    • You "guestimated" the backlog without using any estimation methodology.
    • The estimation was not done by the dev team.
    How we help
    • Train your leaders to use high level estimation methodologies.
    • Work with your team to make sure the estimation techniques are applied correctly.
    • Estimate your product using methodologies or validate your internal estimation.
    • Prepare Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for of your product and suggest the right team composition considering budget and schedule baselines.

    Software Development and Quality Control

    Why it matters?

    The development phase is the most exciting one - everything designed on previous stages is brought into life. Compared to the previous phases it`s usually longer and executed by larger teams, that's why the expert leadership and processes are vital.

    Symptoms for gaps
    • It`s not possible to easily boost the development by adding new team members.
    • Augmenting the team with external resources has failed in the past.
    • Fixing a defect is causing another issue in a hardly predictable way.
    • The fixed defects show up again and again.
    • Critical bugs are directly fixed on production.
    • The technical debt is huge and piles up on a constant basis.
    • There is a code-review procedure, but no checklists, code-smell catalogs or methodologies are used.
    • You do not have a QA role - some functional testing is done by support team or developers.
    • The quality control starts after everything is fully developed.
    • There are no written test-cases.
    • There is no certainty over percentage of test case coverage.
    • There has never been code-freeze and regression testing before release.
    How we help
    • Review the code of the product and suggest list of improvements.
    • Augment your team in an efficient way, that boosts the development.
    • Train the technical leaders and senior staff to ensure best performance.
    • Develop the whole product or its components.
    • Organize the quality control process according to the best practices.
    • Cover with test cases or execute existing test cases to assure the quality.

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    Teodor Todorov
    Teodor Todorov
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    Deployment / DevOps and Automation

    Why it matters?

    The automation leads to time gains. The operations can be automated so that the development team can focus on engineering. The code quality can automatically be validated and the health of the system can be monitored to avoid the team get blocked.

    Symptoms for gaps
    • The deployment to all environments is done manually.
    • There is no established build process.
    • The team does lots of repetitive manual tasks on a daily basis.
    • A cloud applications does not scale automatically.
    • The environments health is not monitored and the support is reactive.
    • The code quality is not automatically checked with each new build.
    How we help
    • Automate the build processes.
    • Set up automatic code analysis.
    • Define and establish deployment procedure.
    • Set-up monitoring and reaction plan.

    Digital Marketing and Customer Relations

    Why it matters?

    Ideally the marketing should start even before the planning phase. It should root in the early phases of the idea validation and continues along with the product development. This way, once the earliest version of the product is ready, you will directly generate income.

    Symptoms for gaps
    • The digital communication is designed to inform the user about the product`s properties.
    • No split testing is conducted and the conversion-rate is not optimized.
    • You do not have a list of prospects that expect the product launch and are ready to buy as early adopters.
    • The communication to the clients, prospects and leads is not designed and no sales funnel is defined.
    How we help
    • Conduct A/B split testing for your marketing materials.
    • Define and execute a list-building marketing strategy.
    • Optimize the web-site and e-mail marketing conversions.
    • Set up sales funnels and define the proper ways for communication.

    Integration & Maintenance / ProdOps and Support

    Why it matters?

    The product maintenance is often neglected but the resources and energy it requires can be significant. If automated and proper data-collection is setup, proactive reaction procedures can be established.

    Symptoms for gaps
    • The system health is not monitored.
    • The support is reactive - an action is taken after a problem is reported by a client.
    • No data about production errors from all application components and tiers is collected and analyzed.
    • There is no capacity in the team to cover 24/7 support.
    • The security is not monitored.
    • There is no automated backup strategy.
    How we help
    • Set-up monitoring system and error data collection.
    • Analyze the monitoring data in real time and establish reaction procedures.
    • Augment your support team.
    • Establish security monitoring and design & integrate backup solutions.

    Iterative Evolution

    Why it matters?

    The value of your product needs to constantly be increased and the user experience can always be enriched. To do it in a meaningful way, you need to understand the users and listen to their opinion and needs.

    Symptoms for gaps
    • Decisions for new features and improvements are made without surveying real users.
    • The product usage data is not collected or not analyzed.
    • You do not interview the prospects that fell down from later stages of the sales funnel or do not act accordingly.
    How we help
    • Collect and analyze data about the product usage.
    • Conduct interviews with prospects and real clients to reveal ways to improve the product.
    • Analyze usage and define strategies for further development of the product.

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    Teodor Todorov
    Teodor Todorov
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    Our Services

    As experts we can help you build a successful product with optimised time and budget costs and technical excellence, by training you to apply the best practices, methodologies and industry standards.

    Software Design and Architecture

    Together we can envision and guarantee the success of the project, by analysing, designing and documenting the chosen ways to achieve the vital software quality attributes and non-functional requirements:
    • Security
    • Performance
    • Availability
    • Scalability
    • Maintainability
    • Usability
    • and many others...

    Software Development

    Elastic software development team - that's how we call our ability to augment your team just in matter of days whenever you need this capacity for as long period as your load requires.
    We are the world=best best experts in all mainstream and cutting-edge web, mobile, server-side and desktop technologies:
    • ReactJS
    • AngularJS
    • Xamarin
    • ASP.NET
    • PHP
    • NodeJS
    • Swift/Objective-C
    • Java
    • and many more...

    Quality Control and Assurance

    The software quality begins with from the early stages of the SDLC. It's not possible without good requirements and cannot effectively be assured when started after the project is done.  Our QC experts can help you build a bullet-proof product, by providing services like:
    • Test-case generation;
    • Functional and non-functional testing;
    • Automation testing;
    • Security testing;
    • and more...

    Deployment and DevOps

    More Development less Operations. Automating the repeated actions that you do every time you deploy can both safe time and increase the quality. But when it comes to cloud computing, having a strong DevOps team becomes an integral part of your development process. We can help you free up some time by offering services like:
    • Build and deployment automation;
    • Continuous integration;
    • Monitoring and support;
    • Cloud application management;
    • Security enhancements;
    • and many more...

    UI/UX design and Information Architecture

    A product valuable, when it solves the users' problems. But to make their experience the best possible one is what makes the difference between the best and all others. It's not only related to appearance and UI - the usability has many dimensions and needs to be designed carefully. To make you product best in its niche, we offer:
    • UX design;
    • Information architecture;
    • Taxonomy and wire-framing;
    • Persona creation;
    • UI design;
    • Consultancy;
    • and everything your users need to fall in love with your product...

    Online marketing and Business development

    The online marketing evolved a lot in the latest years. Having a search engine optimised web-site is no longer enough. Social medias, mobile devices and many more come into play. It's important to know your customers' needs and add value to their experience. But no matter how good your product might be, it's important to communicate to the audience in a way, that makes you stand out of the crowd. We know digital marketing and together we can do:
    • Conversion-rate optimisation;
    • A/B split testing;
    • E-Mail marketing campaigns;
    • Affiliate marketing;
    • Multi-channel marketing;
    • Sales funnels generation and optimisation;
    • Analytics and consultancy 

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    Teodor Todorov
    Teodor Todorov
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    Evgeni Minchev
    Evgeni Minchev
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