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  • Joint Ventures – Collaborations - Alliances

    The important strategic decision of forming a Joint Venture includes business expansion, development of new products or moving into new markets, particularly overseas.

    Your business may have strong potential for growth and you may have innovative ideas and products. However, a joint venture benefits any company with:

    • Greater Capacities& Capabilities in Manufacturing
    • Advance Technology
    • Cost Reduction
    • Increasing Product / Service Offerings
    • Ready Access to Established Markets and Distribution Channels
    • Increased Productivity
    • Advance & More Resources

    Entering into a Joint Venture is a major decision for any company. Crescendo Worldwide is having a specialized dedicated team with vast experience from various industries & sectors and equipped to consult, assist and help companies in executing the Joint Venture.

    Establish Distribution Channel

    Distributors are an essential and viable component of any sales strategy. It's not practical to reach a global market from a centralized business structure nor is it an often prudent business practice to open offices all over the world. Distributors help your organization reach territories you would not otherwise have any competent access to. Distributors market your products in their regions, take you to key customers, provide product support & sometimes along involve in installation & maintenance.

    Crescendo Worldwide is strong at Setting Up, Appointing and Establishing Distribution Network for companies at desired strategic locations globally.

    Outsourcing – Off Shoring


    Selecting the right Contract Manufacturer (CM) is the most important manufacturing decision you'll make. It is critical to your success and you get one opportunity to do it right. Over the years, Crescendo WorldWide has established its expertise in supporting OEMS to find the right fit contract manufacturer.

    We are supporting many global small, medium, large, OEMs including Fortune 500 companies to enter the highly potential Indian/Asian market.

    Our support process has a microscopic approach towards selecting suppliers from India & various other countries. We focus on selection criteria like geographic location, technical capabilities, materials management capabilities, quality control, the financial health of the company etc.

    Key Reasons for Sourcing from India
    • Low Labour Cost
    • Huge Skilled Workforce Available
    • Increasing Labour Productivity
    • Equipped Logistics & Infrastructure in India.
    • Technology Upgradation
    • Improvement in Quality of Products & Services
    • Government Support
    • Increasing percentage of Inward FDI in India

    Increasing Exports

    Companies that trade & do business internationally grow faster and do better than those that don't.

    Crescendo Worldwide plays a vital role in supporting companies who endeavor to expand their businesses through exports. We take care of crucial aspects like – Product feasibility study, market study, Product quality, standards and prices etc.

    Crescendo Worldwide have proven systematic process of supporting companies to Start & Grow Business globally.

    Events & Road Shows

    To increase your visibility and bring brand awareness in people/companies systematic planning, organization & Execution of series of road show is one of the most effective tools of marketing.
    Crescendo Worldwide has its expertise in organizing and conducting road shows for companies and Economic Development Authorities in various parts of different countries and regions as per the requirement.

    Benefits of Roadshows through Crescendo Worldwide:
    • Crescendo Provides detail study report as to where, how, when for which sector and frequency of Road Shows.
    • Expertise & Technical Crescendo team members working on Road Show to attract right prospective companies.
    • Placing your organization at Right Time, in Right Market, to Right Prospective Clients.
    • Only decision makers are invited to Road Show.
    • Know the companies attending the Road Show well in Advance.
    • Get detail one on one meetings with Right Prospects during Road Show.
    • Get Pre, During & Post Road Show Support from Crescendo Worldwide.

    Global Subsidiary Formation

    Form & Establish Company / Subsidiary Globally

    Forming a subsidiary is one of the effective methods for expanding business.

    Company can enhance its competitive advantage by making a direct investment in operations conducted worldwide i.e. establishment of business operations on foreign soil - the building of factories, sales offices, and distribution networks to serve local markets in a nation other than the company's home country. Forming Subsidiary globally with our Support has its unique benefits. We suggest the company to form a subsidiary as a strategic decision for expansion. We also supports the companies post Subsidiary formation for establishing themselves in the Foreign market.

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) allow companies to broaden their portfolio of products and services. It is a path to increase market share, explore new markets and concentrate on core activities. Managing a merger & acquisition integration is a time-consuming process which enables the earlier independent companies to work as a single amalgamated enterprise.
    How Crescendo Worldwide can help -
    • Our global network in combination with our deep industry knowledge means that we are in constant touch with the markets and can spot opportunities and assemble teams to execute a deal as the need arises.
    • We identify appropriate buyers and will implement a sale to generate the best price for our client.
    • We have dedicated specialists to advise clients on taking advantage of privatisation opportunities.
    • We work closely with clients in private equity helping them to make acquisitions and advising on disposals. The extent of our global reach and the depth of our relationships mean that we can frequently spot opportunities for private equity investment and assemble the teams they need on the ground