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Optische Filter für anspruchsvolle OEM-Kunden

Optische Filter für anspruchsvolle OEM-Kunden

Industry and mechanical engineering / Optical instruments and photographic equipment

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S
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    Dr. Oliver Pust
    Dr. Oliver Pust
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    A Continuously Variable Filter (CVF) is a wedged filter, whose spectral properties vary continuously along one dimension of the filter.

    A single CVF for example can replace a number of fixed filters in an instrument. It is possible to adjust the centre or edge wavelength by sliding the filter.

    Delta Optical Thin Film has lifted the quality of variable filters to new levels by introducing a new powerful combination of continuously variable filters. Delta Optical Thin Film offers a Linear Variable Long Wave Pass filter (LVLWP), the corresponding Linear Variable Short Wave Pass filter (LVSWP) together with a Linear Variable Dichroic. Each of the filters can be used separately. Combining LVLWP and LVSWP enables the construction of band-pass filters that can be tuned continuously with center wavelengths from 320 nm to 850 nm, with the added benefit of tunable bandwidth. As LVF monochromator the filters are used in fluorescence microplate readers.

    Besides setting new standards in transmission level and edge steepness, the filters offer blocking better than OD3 over the complete reflection range. It is possible to increase the blocking to beyond OD5 by placing another continuously variable filter in series.

    The filters are coated on single quartz substrates for minimal auto-fluorescence and high laser damage threshold. All of Delta Optical Thin Film’s Continuously Variable Filters are coated with ultra-hard surface coatings (UHC) that are also used by Delta Optical Thin Film in traditional fluorescence filters.

    Delta Optical Thin Film's Continuously Variable Filters are especially suited for applications in spectroscopy. Download the presentation on Continuously Variable Filters for Fluorescence and Hyperspectral Imaging Applications. Edinburgh Instruments has written an article that shows the benefit of using Linear Variable Filters in grating based spectrometers.