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Resource Management Software for Maximum Project Performance

Resource Management Software for Maximum Project Performance


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  • Epicflow Software for Multi-Project Management

    Since Epicflow is designed to meet the challenges of multi-project business environments, it naturally focuses on features that alleviate project-related issues. By constantly monitoring and analyzing workloads, Epicflow is able to effectively distribute tasks among a group of people to which they are assigned. Moreover, it gives business executives a superpower, allowing them to quickly see what is happening across all projects. Additionally, Epicflow’s PM software gauges the level of pressure that project managers can apply without overloading the members of their team.

    Using smart algorithms, Epicflow determines how additional projects will influence future workloads. The future load graph shows how to implement a project without shifting deadlines, and will immediately signal a lack of resources and calculate how to prevent the team from becoming overloaded. In addition to making sure that projects are completed on time, Epicflow also points out any available free time in the schedule, in other words time slots that can be used for training.