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Resource Management Software for Maximum Project Performance

Resource Management Software for Maximum Project Performance

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Meet Epicflow at PM Congress in the Netherlands

The Delft University of Technology in collaboration with Project Management Institute Netherlands invites you to the Project Management Congress “ADAPT or DIE”. Research meets Practice: towards Project Management 3.0

Dates: April 11–12, 2019. Place: TU Delft Aula Congress Center, Delft, the Netherlands

This congress promises to be one of a kind in terms of the value and knowledge it brings to participants. It will inspire you to reach for success and initiate new beginnings in the world of project management. Talks will be dedicated to Agile adoption, best practices, and ways of reducing complexity of project management in shipbuilding, architecture, construction, and engineering.

Jan Willem Tromp, a PM researcher and co-founder of Epicflow, will give a lecture titled “How to Reduce the Complexity of Multi-Project Environments. Where to Focus.” on April 12, 10:00–10:30 CET at the TU Delft Aula Congress Center (Building 20, Lecture Hall A).

Have you ever used MS Project as a manager?

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MS Project is one of the most popular project management solutions. However, experienced PMs complain about its limitations. We’ve conducted research to see what those constraints are and have devised a number of solutions to overcome them.

How sure can you be that your business won’t end in failure?

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TED Talks to get inspiration to be a better and more successful business leader.

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What do you do to ensure effective team management?

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Being a successful company not only presupposes meeting deadlines but also ensuring employee satisfaction. These days, many people are unhappy with their jobs simply because they don’t get the treatment they expect.

Watch a collection of videos we’ve selected for you and get ideas on how to make your employees happier and more productive at work.

Next-Gen Application for Resource Management in Construction

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How to Ensure Project Success: Risk Management Matters

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Nowadays, risk management is one of the most powerful factors that determine project success. However, even though there are numerous facts proving the importance of risk management, “only 36% of organisations reported that project managers consistently apply a risk management methodology”. Moreover, only “30% of organisations are likely to deliver projects that are on time”, while only 40% of organizations say they have a risk management practice.

Learn how to save project time and money by predicting and eliminating potential risks.

Top Project Management Conferences in 2019

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How Healthcare Organizations Can Meet Increasing Demand

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3 Things for CEOs to Consider to Create the Right Support Structures

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