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HR services / HR services and consulting

Str. Alexandru Vlahuta nr. 5, 021047 Bucharest

Phone +40 31 805 7521 E-mail

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Establishing Recruitment Needs
    Taking a job from rough outline to well-defined set of requirements

    Job Description Creation
    A well-formulated, easy to read job posting is the first step in attracting talent

    Profiling the "Ideal Candidate"
    Knowing the job is half the struggle, the other half means knowing the right person for it

    Drawing talent from our extensive network of contacts including more than 15000 potential candidates

    Job presentation, initial evaluation and if needed, pre-test preparation. Turning potential candidates into candidates

    One-on-one in-depth interviews for comprehensive candidate assessment

    Executive Search

    Filling executive and upper-level positions in today's highly competitive job market is often a complex, time-consuming process. We use an advanced toolset including proprietary search algorithms in order to find even the most elusive candidates. 

    Job Promotion

    We use every channel and platform available to us in order to get the word out about available jobs, including our website, social media, sector-specific online platforms, direct mailing and more.

    Recruitment Strategy Development

    When a project requires filling a large number of positions or some highly specialized or unusual skill sets, having a well thought-out recruitment strategy before starting the recruitment process becomes a necessity. Where needed, we can create recruitment strategies for our clients as part of the recruitment process, working with the client's HR department every step of the way.