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Pharma und Medizintechnik / Medizintechnik

Garstligweg 6, 8634 Hombrechtikon

Telefon +41 55 254 04 00 E-Mail

  • We digitize Biology

    HSE•AG is a global engineering service provider with a proven track record in systems engineering in the life science and diagnostics industries. Our mission is to create the tools that unravel the mysteries of life – one life science & technological breakthrough at a time. 

    We specialize in turning ideas into cutting-edge solutions and successfully bring them to market. Our broad knowledge in laboratory automation development is complemented by extensive experience in industrialization, life cycle management, risk management, OEM modules, and consulting – offering an all-in-one partnership.

    By combining our engineering and application experience we create and manage complete or partial system solutions and adapt to specific customer needs to simplify their and the end users’ workflows.

    Product Ideation

    • Market Insights
    • Emerging Technologies
    • Product Roadmap
    • Customer Need Analysis
    • Workflow Analysis
    • Regulatory Strategy
    • Productivity Enhancement

    Product Development

    • Agile Project Planning
    • Development Process
    • Requirement engineering
    • System architecture design
    • Testing & verification
    • Design transfer to manufacturing
    • Product life cycle management

    Product industrialization

    • Industrialize & scale-up manufacturing
    • Transfer products to new manufacturing sites
    • Stabilization of manufacturing process
    • Compliance with regulatory standards