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Ventilators and testing devices

Ventilators and testing devices

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  • Ventilators . Analysers . Test lungs . Compressors

    The complete family of ICU ventilators: bellavista

    bellavista 1000, bellavista neo, bellavista 1000e and bellavista mr, the intuitive and easy to use respirator solutions for different patient requirements:

    The bellavista neo for our smallest and most sensitive patients, the bellavista 1000e with its brilliant, high-resolution 17.3" touch-screen for a clear and detailed overview in complex and challenging work situations, the highly configurable, universal bellavista 1000 for maximum patient comfort due to adaptive ventilation modes, and the bellavista mr that has been specifically developed for continous safe use in the MRI environment.

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    Highest precision analysers

    Gas flow analysers and ventilator testers to test any medical device that exerts pressure or produces flow.

    Our analysers measure precise flow, various pressures, gas temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration. They can test any kind of ventilators and a variety of medical gas flow and pressure devices such as oxygen concentrators, endoscopic insufflators, anesthesia machines, flow meters, pressure gauges and suction devices and piped gases. Preventive or periodic maintenance service PMS according to EC.6.20.

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    imtmedical's test lungs

    Versatile and precise simulation.

    Imtmedical's test lungs are a simple and cost-efficient solution to safely verify ventilators and anesthetic devices for functionality and precision.

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    aeris – Medical grade air guaranteed – quietly

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    EasyCal Calibration Service

    For your ventilator tester (CITREX and FlowAnalyser).

    EasyCal calibration service offers fast annual calibration and adjustment of your gas flow analyser.

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