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InterNations Business Solutions

InterNations Business Solutions

Internet und Informationstechnologie

Schwanthalerstraße 39, 80336 Munich

Telefon +49 89 461 33240

  • Solutions for Global Mobility & International Talent Acquisition

    InterNations Business Solutions is a trusted partner for global mobility and HR professionals. As InterNations is the world’s largest expat network with 3.4 million members in 420 cities, we provide expert insights and tailored solutions for smooth and successful foreign assignments and improved retention of international hires. 

    With the InterNations network, employees and their families are empowered by peer-to-peer support. This helps them through the most critical onboarding phase and seamlessly integrates them into their new home country for the entire time abroad. In turn, they are more productive at work and save global mobility and HR professionals time and costs.

    Benefits for Global Mobility:
    • Improved global mobility programs
    • More efficient workflows
    • Successful assignments
    • More productive employees
    • A competitive advantage

    Benefits for International Talent Acquisition:
    • Better package offerings
    • Increased talent retention
    • More cost-effective recruiting
    • More efficient processes
    • A strengthened employer brand

    Benefits for Global Employees: 
    • Peer-to-peer support and networking  
    • Regular socializing opportunities in 420 cities worldwide
    • Local information about their new home country

    Follow the InterNations Business Solutions page for new thinking on global talent mobility.