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Professional window cleaning

Professional window cleaning

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  • Liquidator 2.0

    The LIQUIDATOR channel is the flagship which came out of the collaboration with the R&D department and professional window cleaners in the field. 

    The LIQUIDATOR is a channel with specially designed end tips that support the Dura-Flex® rubber blades all the way to the outer edges of the rubber blade. This allows the LIQUIDATOR to go all the way to the rim of the window, leaving zero water residues, drastically reducing cumbersome and time consuming cloth prepping and detailing.


    Already branded as being the fastest squeegee in the world, the EXCELERATOR is a remarkable new window cleaning handle in the Moerman Proclean product range – designed wíth and for professional window cleaners according to the EASE value philosophy. 

    EASE Systems: the Combinator

    The choice is yours: do you want to switch between washing and erasing or do you prefer to do both in one smooth movement?