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Professional window cleaning

Professional window cleaning

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    EXPERIENCE TOOLBOX - Moerman - Professional Window Cleaning Tools


    Premium Snapper + Liquidator 2.0 (25 cm - 35 cm)NEW - The Experience Toolbox, the stunt with which we are exclusively launching our new Premium Snapper handle together with two LIQUIDATOR 2.0 channels (10"/25 cm and 14"/35 cm).Inside you will find a leaflet with tips on how to get the best out of your new tool. You will also find instructions on how to log in to our website and gain access to a wide variety of tips, tricks and videos by our EASE angels.

    The Premium Snapper handle is the latest innovation in our window cleaning range. It has a unique way of assembling the channel to the handle : through the easy click system known from our Combinator handle.

    • Anti-slip material
    • Soft-touch bi-component grip
    • Stainless steel material
    • Easy click system for channel placement
    • Longer handle for a more ergonomic grip

    The LIQUIDATOR 2.0 channel is unique its kind. Developed with window cleaners who were tired of having to detail the corners and edges of the windows. The angles of the end clips of the LIQUIDATOR 2.0 channels are designed in such a way that, with the right technique, you can wipe a window much more efficiently and without having to detail.

    • Patented design
    • Permanently fixed end clips
    • Precision cut for streak-free results
    • Plastic tips are gentle for the frame
    • Lightweight material
    • Center channel dots
    • Fits all handles

    For optimal performance of your LIQUIDATOR 2.0 channel :

    • Place your original LIQUIDATOR rubber in the middle of the channel
    • Use enough detergent, preferably directly on the sleeve
    • Put minimum pressure and it floats like air
    • Get a feel for the right angle of attack
    • No detailing of the window

    LIQUIDATOR 2.0 - Moerman - Professional Window Cleaning Tools


    The LIQUIDATOR channel is the flagship which came out of the collaboration with the R&D department and professional window cleaners in the field. 

    The LIQUIDATOR is a channel with specially designed end tips that support the Dura-Flex® rubber blades all the way to the outer edges of the rubber blade. This allows the LIQUIDATOR to go all the way to the rim of the window, leaving zero water residues, drastically reducing cumbersome and time consuming cloth prepping and detailing.

    EXCELERATOR - Moerman - Professional Window Cleaning Tools


    Already branded as being the fastest squeegee in the world, the EXCELERATOR is a remarkable new window cleaning handle in our product range. You can set the EXCELERATOR to a 10°, 25° or 40° angle depending on the type of window frame and height, possible obstacles, challenging angles or just your own personal preference. 

    • ​Adaptable angle 10° - 25° - 40°
    • Fast and smooth swivel movement
    • Swivel lock button 
    • Ideal for high or low reach use
    • Light ergonomic bi-component grip
    • Easy on/off for telepole with safety hole
    • Part of the Ultimate Squeegee EASE system
    • Fits every channel, from standard to LIQUIDATOR 2.0

    Used as a rigid squeegee it evenly distributes the pressure along the channel. Used as a pivot, its dynamics will let you sweep the window at a crazy speed. 

    We’re talking about the most complete handle for traditional window cleaning, for handheld cleaning as well as pole assisted cleaning. Whether you’re a fan of cleaning with a rigid or pivoting squeegee, the EXCELERATOR has it all, allowing you to excel and accelerate. 

    Developped wíth and for professional window cleaners according to the EASE value philosophy. The angle selector makes it easy to strive for that perfect no-detailing-needed edge. 

    The reason why the EXCELERATOR is proclaimed as being the world’s fastest squeegee is it’s extreme responsiveness. With the slightest twist of the handle, the squeegee blade immediately follows your direction. chasing for the flawlessly clean window. The EXCELERATOR also has more channel spread which allows you to cover the window even faster. 

    The EXCELERATOR is the most complete handle for traditional window cleaning. Try it, love it. 

    ULTIMATE SQUEEGEE - Moerman - Professional Window Cleaning Tools


    The best of our EASE-products in one, the ULTIMATE SQUEEGEE: the EXCELERATOR handle + LIQUIDATOR 2.0 channel + F*LIQ sleeve.
    • Adjustable angle 10°, 25° and 40°
    • Smooth swivel movement
    • Lightweight and ergonomic bi-component grip
    • F*LIQ washing sleeve (10"/25cm, 14"/35cm or 18"/45cm)
    • LIQUIDATOR 2.0 channel (10"/25cm, 14"/35cm or 18"/45cm)

    This combination will give you the precision, speed and user comfort to leave your ladder on the car. Keep your feet on the ground and keep it simple and safe.