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Omnis Software

Omnis Software

Internet and IT

Omnis Software Germany GmbH
HANSE 10ter GRAD, Langenhorner Chaussee 623, 22419 Hamburg

Phone +49 40 532 8720 E-mail

  • Omnis Studio

    Omnis Studio allows application developers and programmers to write application code and business logic once, and deploy their applications on virtually any platform or device, including desktop PCs on Windows and macOS, as well as tablets and phones on iOS, Android and Windows.
    Omnis Studio 10: Innovative, Efficient, Fast, #JavaScript Web & Mobile App Development. Download the latest #Omnis Studio 10:
    #Omnis Studio 10: Innovative, Efficient, Fast. New Code Editor: Multiple undo & redo, Syntax coloring, Auto-fill Command constructs, and more.
    #Omnis Studio 10 World Tour: • Hamburg, 19 March, at Omnis Germany HQ Register here: