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Industry Report: The South East Asia Defense Sector: Accelerated Militarization Anticipated

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Our report on the defense sector in South East Asia has been published. Over the past decade, ASEAN countries have seen an upward trend in defense expenditure, with significant investment in aircraft, engines, radar and weapons, and force modernization. Find out more about the latest developments in the sector.

Industry Report: The South East Asia Aerospace Sector: Reaching New Heights

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The aerospace sector is going to emerge as one of the strongest sectors in South East Asia over the next few years, creating countless opportunities for aerospace manufacturers, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) companies, and general aviation and aerospace players alike. Aircraft wait-lists extend to years, low-cost carriers (LCC) place orders in billions not millions of dollars, and just about everybody in the burgeoning populace in South East Asia is eager to take to the skies. Read more about the sector in our report through this link:

A Short Video on Orissa International's Services

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Orissa International's Managing Director and Trade Advisor for Invest Northern Ireland in the ASEAN region, Sarath Menon, discusses doing business in South East Asia and the different opportunities within the market.
For more trade leads and market information, please visit Know more about our company through

Watch the video through this link:

Orissa International Joins International Enterprise (IE) Singapore's "Plug & Play"

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Sarath Menon, Managing Director of Orissa International, signed the partnership agreement with International Enterprise (IE) Singapore on 27 July 2017, as Dr Robert Yap, Deputy Chairman of IE Singapore, looks on. Orissa International has been selected as a ‘Plug & Play’ partner by IE Singapore in 3 key markets: Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. As a ‘Plug & Play’ partner, we help the agency in its mission of driving Singapore’s external economy, promoting international trade and spearheading the overseas growth of Singapore-based companies.

Orissa International Launches

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This week, Orissa International will launch a digital platform targeted at companies that want to do business in South East Asia and are looking for contacts, business insights and support services to enable them with their market entry or expansion into the region.

For more information on this platform, please visit