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IoT solutions for monitoring infrastructure and construction

IoT solutions for monitoring infrastructure and construction

Industry and mechanical engineering

Vittenvej 66, 8382 Hinnerup

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  • Railmonitor delivers data on actual railway condition

    Railmonitor is a Danish IoT company located near Aarhus, Denmark. Our solution addresses the pains of ineffective and costly maintenance processes and provides operators with the data and information necessary for decision making in vital maintenance processes.

    We provide real-time monitoring of the condition of unstable railway tracks and vital switch points. Our system is based on weather resistant sensors, that are safely installed onto the infrastructure. The data from these sensors is processed in the cloud and will, in a matter of seconds, be available on the Railmonitor user interface or your dashboard. From here, analyzing sensor data is easy and you can see the trends. 

    Insights retrieved via our solution can be used to optimize the maintenance strategy and thereby to prolong asset lifetime - the core of predictive maintenance.
    Railmonitor - Condition Monitoring of Switch Points