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Sattler PRO-TEX GmbH
Sattlerstraße 45 , 8077 Gössendorf

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  • Sattler - Quality and Innovation for over 140 Years.

    We are a leading manufacturer in the production of coated technical fabrics.

    Our core competencies include membranes for “textile architecture”, “halls & tents”, “biogas storages”, “trucks tarpaulins” as well as “fabrics for special requirements”. 

    Our high-quality, functional materials come with many features, which can be customized individually for specific needs.

    STRUCTURES: Architecture with Membranes

    Membrane constructions – old but also very new!

    For more than 140 years the company Sattler is dealing with Outdoor textiles which protect humans and goods from weather influences. In human history, textiles play a central role over millennia when it comes to housing. During the process of settling down, solid building materials established and textiles were pushed into the background. For a long time textiles played a tangential role in architecture apart from large tents and in the domain of sun- and weathering protection. Since the middle of the 20th century, the development of new materials and production processes combined with innovative and pioneer spirit lead to a renaissance of textiles in architecture..

    New shapes with function

    From the beginning PVC coated textiles play a central role in this development. High light transmission, flexibility as well as a lighter surface weight and at the same time high tensile strengths offer a new dimension in shaping and structures. The discipline of textile architecture unites modern design with function in a unique way and allows a resource-friendly material use at the same time.

    Architecture membranes are not only a crucial design element but are part of the overall construction because of the installed pre-tension. In connection with supporting structures as cable structures and steel structures there is an unlimited multiplicity for the construction of curved surfaces with membranes.

    Standard and special versions

    With the collection „Structures“ Sattler PRO-TEX has an extensive product portfolio of high-quality and functional architecture membranes for this demanding application field. Apart from common standard qualities, we also offer special productions related to Projects.

    HALLS & TENTS: Function and Diversity

    Modern materials for classic applications

    For more than 140 years the company Sattler is working with outdoor textiles which protect humans and goods against weathering. Tents and textile hall constructions are light-weight, partly mobile protection and industrial buildings for versatile use. Since ancient times this function remained the same but of course the materials in use changed.

    With the collection “Halls & Tents” Sattler PRO-TEX provides an extensive product portfolio of high-functional, coated fabrics with modern characteristics which take technical requirements for different applications into account.

    Product characteristics adapted for applications

    The fields of application range from classic event tents, sport halls and industrial warehouses to applications for sun protection or circus tents. Thus also the product specification varies depending on the application.

    ENVIRONMENT: Biogas Membranes with Know-How

    With more than 30 years of experience the company Sattler is part of the pioneers in the biogas industry. Membranes of the Sattler PRO-TEX GmbH are applied as biogas tanks, biogas roofs, biogas bags or silo roofs. Manufacturers and users profit from the high functionality, product reliability and efficiency.

    Special requirements call for special solutions

    Sattler PRO-TEX biogas membranes are so called MLCs (Multi-Layer-Composites) whose components and construction design are adjusted to the function. Biogas membranes of PVC coated tarpaulins are characterised by their minimized methane permeability and high chemical resistance.

    The structural core of the membrane consists of high-strength polyester yarns which carry the static forces of a construction. It is followed by multi-layers of PVC coating especially developed for Biogas. The surface is sealed only with a stop out lacquer.

    The result is the least possible typical biogas permeation for Sattler PRO-TEX biogas membranes, a high resistance to aggressive substances in biogas and condensate as well as weathering resistance and durability.

    Sattler PRO-TEX Biogas Membranes – a brand product

    Sattler PRO-TEX biogas membranes are easily recognisable because of their embossing and are available in different strengths with or without FR finish.

    TRANSPORT: Complan® – Made by Sattler PRO-TEX.

    With Complan to the XL-Code

    In transport business everything is primarily about efficiency and reliability. New developments of truck structures aim to provide lighter weight, easier operability and more security.

    The complex issue of load securing is relevant for tarpaulins as the membrane has to take over a part of securing as truck structures are getting lighter. Complan qualities fulfill these requirements for the membrane according to DIN EN 12641-1 for classic or DIN EN 12641-2 for Side-Curtain systems. In connection with further suitable components and processing according to standards, Complan tarpaulins are the perfect choice to fulfill the XL-Code.

    Complan as advertising space

    No matter what structure system serves as base, the membrane will always shape the appearance of the tarped-off truck. Complan branded products ensure a flawless appearance with a long-lasting good look. Truck tarpaulins act as business cards of a company and serve as advertising space.

    Work facilitation with Complan Loading and unloading needs to take place as soon and easy as possible. Innovative truck structures enable the driver to open and close the loading easily. High-quality components in Complan products contribute to an easy handling as in comparison to other tarpaulins in the market, they remain smooth and flexible also at low temperatures. Polyplan Transport – reliability and efficiency

    Besides Complan, for many years the products of the Polyplan series are among the most popular articles in the transport segment. They are characterised by high reliability and efficiency and cover a wide range of applications from classic truck tarpaulins to weather protections.

    Polyplan Transport sliding roof membrane

    With the article Polyplan Truck HPT a product which was developed especially for sliding roofs is available. In comparison with conventional materials on the market it allows to open and close the roof system without effort.

    FUNCTIONAL: Textiles for Special Applications

    Textiles are part of nearly all our areas of life, where they should fulfil a certain function. Among these fabrics there are allrounders, which can be used for a variety of different applications but also specialists with defined characteristics for a special application. Thus, also in the portfolio of the Sattler PRO-TEX GmbH besides allrounders, specialists can be found in the range Functional.

    For some of the following applications, the material has to fulfill certain requirements as good digital printability, special colors for camouflage, smooth rolling characteristics or an elegant or anti-slip surface.

    Material development according to applications

    If your application is not yet part of our portfolio, please contact us. We will check if we already have a corresponding material in our portfolio or if we can produce it according to your demands.

    Furthermore, you can search for textiles based on particular product characteristics with our Fabric Selector.