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  • A brief explainer video introducing Smartivate's Configurator

    The Smart Home Configurator

    We proudly introduce Germany's first configurator for Plug & Play Smart Home Devices. 

    Smart home technology is all about interconnected devices that automatically work together with as little intervention as possible. It involves devices that make your home energy efficient, more comfortable and keep you secure from burglars. However, the process of making your home smart is like finding a needle in hay stack! It is very complex for an average consumer to choose compatible devices. There are too many companies, too many players and too many devices in the market and different functionalities along with various communication standards (WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc.) only add to customer frustration.    

    It can so happen that - you buy eight products but have to install four different apps on your phone and still cannot automate your home because the devices cannot communicate with one-another. It takes days and even weeks to find a suitable product solution.

    To solve this complexity, our smart configurator comes to rescue. The in-house built product compatibility mapping system algorithm will guide the users intuitively and enable them with a Quick & hassle free solution. Thus providing users with cross-bundled interoperable product solutions tailored to suit their requirements & needs.

    Using our Configurator can certainly create an impact & be benefiting to online shops & aggregator platforms resulting in:

    ⁃ Increase in conversion rates
    ⁃ Up selling and cross selling potential
    ⁃ Fewer product returns due to incompatibilities between devices
    ⁃ Increase in the size of the basket
    ⁃ Faster ROI and maximal benefit