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Tvarit - Artificial Intelligence 'n' Machine Learning

Tvarit - Artificial Intelligence 'n' Machine Learning

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  • Tvarit-APA (Automated Predictive Analytics)

    It crucial for companies to deploy our APA solution in their factories as it gives them a technical advantage over their competitors. It helps companies become the first mover; Make them prepared for the future of Smart Factories; Lets them predict their costs; Lets them predict the future demands. We understand that the Senior Management may not have time to visit the factory regularly, so our APA solution brings all these analytics on their fingertips. They get direct control and management to the processes. Our solution further reduces energy consumptions, reducing the bills by up to 12.5%. Make your factory technologically advanced, ultimately saving time as well as money.

    • APA has the lead time of just 1-2 weeks

      • Which means the manufacturing company will be able to see the value within a matter of weeks.

      • Usually Data Analytics companies take lead time of 3-6 months for model preparation.  

    • Once trained, APA can perform real time

      • Which means it can detect if your plant efficiency is going down by few percentage and it can predict whether a process or a machinery will fail / shut down in next couple of hours. This prediction can basically save you a plant shutdown and eventually thousands of euros of loss.

      • Market research shows that there exists many predictive maintenance products in the market running on dump data in regular fashion, but none giving the realtime results.  

    • High accuracy of the failure prediction

      • We are having an accuracy of 97.2% at given moment, means out of 100 times, we are able to predict about 97 times the failure in machine correctly. We further reduce the 3 False Negatives by re-tuning the model.

      • Our market research shows that our competitors’ accuracy is in the range of 86-87%.  

    • Economies of Scale

      • Since we have intensively done research in Artificial Intelligence area over the years, specifically for manufacturing use case and have made our product generic enough to obtain a lower cost point.