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Internet und Informationstechnologie / Software

Breitenfurterstrasse 378/1/1, 1230 Vienna

Telefon +43 1 9060910

  • VCA AG exclusively and independently provides consulting services in the area of IT Consolidation, IT Compliance and IT Due Diligence. A big advantage of VCA AG is the international experience in projects. VCA AG provided already consolidation and transformation services in Western and EasternEurope. 

    Business software that we have developed: 
    • Outsourcing Governor
    • Robotic GRC | 365
    • Cloudoor
    • DIGTRA
    • AIntuition

    Outsourcing Governor

    OUTSOURCING GOVERNOR is a cloud-enabled real-time platform serving thousands of users across the globe and is available 24/7.
    It is the Single source of truth for any global or local enterprise, manager, or IT specialist.
    Our extensive User-Management Module allows accurate management of any read, update or insert privileges based on the role or hierarchy of any employee or project member.
    This makes our solution unique since service providers or vendors can be added too, allowing better Vendor Contract Management.

    Outsourcing Governor Introduction

    Robotic GRC | 365

    Robotic GRC | 365 is a real-time platform always installed in the client’s environment. This ensures all critical information stay inside the client’s network and does not travel across the planet. The system is only accessible remotely by our managed service via secured gateways by proven engineers and consultants of our company. Robotic GRC | 365 is automated and as a super unit it is build out of different types of business objects to support hybrid enterprise operations, exclusive of being internally managed and outsourced to a 3rd, 4th or 5th party service provider.

    It can govern any complexity of enterprise business or business technology. Other companies like thousands of service providers can be easily added and managed too. Robotic GRC | 365 puts business, technology, vendors, applications, human resources, cybersecurity, contracts, stakeholders, regulatory guidelines and continuous E-Discovery observation under one dome. Rules are adjustable along the process by a request of business owner or regulatory guidelines for varying types of business areas.

    Watch the video to learn more about how Robotic GRC | 365 works.


    CLOUDOOR managed services include a high grade of software robotic process automation and therefore the price performance ratio is outstanding.
    This cerebral intelligence reduces human-errors and works independently with minimum of human-intervention.
    Comparing all tasks a reduction of 70-80% in a smoother operation.

    Check the link to learn more about Cloudoor


    With DIGTRA, VCA AG offers a new managed service with the goal of navigating companies during the practical execution of their digital transformation.
    DIGTRA ensures successful digitization and supports organizations to achieve the necessary goals while they remove their uncertainties and in the future deal with a greatly improved integrity!

    Watch the video to learn more about DIGTRA


    With the AINTUITION of VCA AG, members of the Executive Board can now also benefit from the advancing development of artificial intelligence.
    Selected, responsible tasks of the management level are delegated to the cognitive intelligence and taken over by it.
    Progress is achieved through the simultaneous communication of several decentralized systems and the simultaneous merger with the global digital transformation.
    AINTUITION embraces the enterprise and gives the board a lead through independence!

    AIntuition - Senior Managers Co-Partner