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WOTRA Strategic Intelligence

WOTRA Strategic Intelligence

Beratung und Consulting

Donova 2, SI-1215 Medvode

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    Are you ready to export?

    We advise on business internationalisation strategies from various points of view, in all development phases of a product, i.e. from the idea, the development of a product, and to the marketing, sales and partnership strategy, as well as about the methodologies and tools that are often used in the internationalisation process. We are focused on the collaborative models or partnership strategies, which can best contribute to the successful operation on foreign markets, as well as on the diversity of sales channels.

    In case you want our help in launching a product or service on foreign market, our first step will be devoted to an analysis of your current readiness of entering the individual target market. Based on the information obtained through the questionnaire and through other ways of information exchange we will recommend further steps.

    Further steps may relate to your internal processes, relevant standards and certificates, pricing policy, sales channels and networks, and other areas that have a significant impact on the market success.

    Please, contact us for more information. You are also invited to visit our WOTRA website.

    Check the suitability of your partnership strategy

    We analyse your existing relationships with business partners and make recommendations for improving and/or expanding business partnerships that increase the chances of success of the company. 

    We provide the following professional services to our clients:
    • we help you to identify the most appropriate collaborative and partnership strategy or a combination of strategies based on the current status of your organization, your vision, strategy and objectives of the organization and the type of your products and services;
    • we analyze your existing collaborative business model and existing relationships with business partners or members of your network and prepare (1) recommendations for improvement and/or expansion of business partnerships and networks, (2) a possible new and innovative collaborative business model, and (3) recommendations for systematic collective intelligence building;
    • we offer assistance in finding partners, in the phase of preparing agreement proposals for potential partners as well as in the phase of final selection of partners;
    • the organization, development and management of your partner and/or membership network can be fully taken over by us;
    • we suggest appropriate methodologies and tools to effectively manage relationships with your partners and/or members of your network;
    • other related services.
    Visit our WOTRA website for more information.

    Increase your marketing and sales channels diversity

    With the rise in online sales, online social media and analytical tools for monitoring sales and visitor behaviour on websites, marketing and sales have become significantly more complex. Today, that means that in addition to the classical sales channels, there are a large number of possible online marketing, advertising, and sales channels, as well as a wide selection of associated software tools available.

    For more information visit our WOTRA website.

    Check your readiness for EU funding

    We provide the following professional services to our clients:

    • help with realising your project ideas in accordance with the strategic development objectives of a certain organization;
    • identifying appropriate EU programmes and, if necessary, finding additional funding sources;
    • help with preparing project documentation that complies with conditions of the call and/or demands of other funding options;
    • project planning, management, monitoring and controlling project implementation;
    • professional advice about using the most suitable information sources, software and techniques throughout the process of preparing, implementing and monitoring a project;
    • integrating a certain project idea or subject matter into an organization’s strategy and vision and establishing links with local and foreign partners and experts;
    • developing and implementing a strategy for marketing project results;
    • other related services.

    Please, do not hesitate to contact us. You are also invited to visit our WOTRA website.