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Prof. Karl Gottfried Brun-Otte

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Komponist, Organist, Musiker, Philosoph, Theologe, Kultursoziologe
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Prof. Karl Gottfried Brun-Otte's haves

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Prof. Karl Gottfried Brun-Otte's professional experience

  • 42 years
    4 months
    01/1972 - present

    Komponist, Organist, Musiker, Philosoph, Theologe, Kultursoziologe

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  • 1 year
    10 months
    08/2006 - 05/2008


    TMT Bad Homburg

  • 4 years
    5 months
    10/2003 - 02/2008

    Professor, Associate: Philosophy of Arts

    University of Frankfurt, Institute of Musicology

  • 2 years
    11 months
    04/1997 - 02/2000

    Professor, visiting: Civilization Sociology, Philosophy of Arts

    University of Darmstadt, Department of Fine Arts

  • 3 years
    8 months
    12/1988 - 07/1992

    Professor, visiting: Post Doctoral Programs for Composition Theory

    University of Mainz, Institute of Musicology

  • 1 year
    7 months
    11/1986 - 05/1988

    Lecturer: Composition Aesthetics

    University of Fine Arts Bremen, Faculty of Music

  • 1980 - 1988

    Jesuit scholastic

    Jesuit Order, Societas Jesu, SJ

  • 3 years
    2 months
    01/1982 - 02/1985

    Lecturer: Composition Theory

    University Music School Frankfurt

  • 1 year
    3 months
    04/1979 - 06/1980

    Teacher: Studio for Contemporary Music

    Conservatory of Frankfurt

Prof. Karl Gottfried Brun-Otte's educational background

  • University of Frankfurt,


  • Technical University of Darmstadt,

    Interdisciplinary Project

  • University of Mainz,

    Musicology and Composition

  • University of Fine Arts Bremen,

    Musicology and Composition

  • University of Frankfurt Sankt Georgen

    Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology

  • University of Music School Frankfurt

    Musicology and Composition

    (Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst)

Languages spoken by Prof. Karl Gottfried Brun-Otte

  • German

    (First language)
  • English

  • Latein

  • Altgriechisch

Prof. Karl Gottfried Brun-Otte's organisations

  • 2005 First International Composition Award in Chamber Music
  • Dessau
  • Germany; 2001 Composition Award for Electronic Music of Electronical Festival in Lapland; 1996 Composition Award for Organ of the Protestant Church of Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • Germany; 1991 Composition Award of the New Academy at Braunschweig
  • Germany; 1982 Scholarship Artist Foundation Frankfurt
  • Germany; 1981 Composition Audience Award Fukui
  • Japan; LDS
  • HLT

Prof. Karl Gottfried Brun-Otte's interests

Prof. Karl Gottfried Brun-Otte's portfolio

Prof. Karl Gottfried Brun-Otte's contacts

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