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TOM Merilahti

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processor merilahti since 1958
FOUNDER: Marketing Integrator & Communication Coordinator
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TOM Merilahti's haves

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TOM Merilahti's professional experience

  • to present

    FOUNDER: Marketing Integrator & Communication Coordinator

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  • 5 years
    7 months
    10/2008 - present



  • 2007 - present

    Referral Agent

    SPACE ADVENTURES Ltd. (Space-related adventure tours, incl. Sub-orbital spacefli

  • to present

    Founder, Coordinator-in-Chief

    SICU Synergy Solutions Group Network (SICU SSGN)

  • to present

    Founder, Marketing Integrator & Communication Coordinator

    Tomcom Marketing Communication Oy (Ltd.)

  • to present

    Founder, Management Consultant

    T & M Project Management

  • to present

    Affiliate (global representative)

    Marratech Ltd. (Virtual Offices, Video Conferences, e-meetings...)

  • 2 years
    6 months
    01/1994 - 06/1996

    Project Manager

    Grey Eminence - an affiliate of GCI Group

  • 4 years
    6 months
    03/1987 - 08/1991

    Project Manager

    Lintas:Helsinki / Lintas:Promotion / Impulse:International

  • Coordinator-in-Chief

    SICU Synergy Affiliates & Global Partners

  • Networking Strategist & Communicator

    Synergy Integrated Marketing & Management Network

  • Connector & Integrator

    Total Prestige Club - Business & Luxury Lifestyle Club

  • Founder, Coordinator-in-Chief

    The Helsinki Connection

  • Integrator


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TOM Merilahti's educational background

  • Think the Unthinkable, Move the Immovable and Connect the Unconnected

    and finally... Think, Do and Make it Happen!

Languages spoken by TOM Merilahti

  • German

  • English

  • Swedish

  • Finnish

TOM Merilahti's organisations

  • The International Society for Professional Innovation Management ( ISPIM )
  • Ideabrokers
  • Social Venture Network Europe
  • Center for Consious Evolutions
  • IEG Sponsorship Monitor
  • SICU Synergy Solutions Group
  • The Helsinki Connection
  • The Hamburg Connection
  • Tel Aviv Connection
  • The Baltic Connection
  • The Scandinavian Connection
  • M4M International
  • Totalpresige Club
  • Founder Contact
  • Ceospace
  • MilanIn
  • XING
  • LinkedIn
  • successBC
  • Evolutiner
  • Ecademy
  • socialBC
  • CIWI
  • Amodus
  • Academici
  • Neurona
  • Soflow
  • Rytz etc.

TOM Merilahti's interests

TOM Merilahti's portfolio

TOM Merilahti's contacts

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