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Viacheslav Ermolaev

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Dipl.-Geol. (RUS)
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Viacheslav Ermolaev's haves

Viacheslav Ermolaev's wants

Viacheslav Ermolaev's professional experience

  • 2002 - present


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  • Assistent

    Sankt-Petersburger Staatliches Bergbauinstitut (Technische Universität)

  • wiss. Mitarbeiter

    RWTH Aachen

  • Trainer

    Berufskolleg für Gestaltung und Technik der Stadt Aachen, BBE-Lehrgang

Viacheslav Ermolaev's educational background

  • Staatliche Universität St.-Petersburg

    Geologie, Dipl.-Geol. (RUS)

    Geokartierung, Stratigraphie, Paläontologie

Languages spoken by Viacheslav Ermolaev

  • German

  • English

  • Russian

Viacheslav Ermolaev's interests

Viacheslav Ermolaev's portfolio

  • Veröffentlichungen

    Ermolaev, V. (2007): UMN Map Server - New capabilities for the field data collection - The second international conference: Field Training of Students within the Framework of Higher Education in Russia and Other Countries, Crimea - St. Petersburg, 2007

    Ermolaev, V. (2002): GIS in the Geology - Internationale Konferenz: Geologische Feldpraktika in Rußland und im Ausland, Krym - St. Petersburg, 2002 (in Russ.).

    Ermolaew, W. & Ivanov, A.O. (1997): Middle Devonian vertebrates from the Mimer Valley basin of Westspitzbergen - Ichthyolith Issues Special Publication, 3, 1997. Bogdanova, T.I. & Ermolaev, V.V: (1997): Bivalvia - In: Arkadiev, V.V. & Bogdanova, T.N.: Atlas of the Cretaceous fauna of South-West Crimea, Pangeja, St. Petersburg, 1997: 56-101 (in Russ.).

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