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The following vacancies are available in Mexiko-Stadt:

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  1. Mexico City
    Country Head of Ocean Freight - Mexico WCL - Worldwide Consultants in Logistics

    Our client holds a Top 5 position in global air, ocean, rail, and road freight. With thousands of locations in all of the world’s most important economic regions, our client has a global network geared toward customer service, quality and sustainability. On behalf of our client, we are...

  2. Puebla, Mexiko
    Assembly Manager (m/f) 2-Steps-A-Head Consulting GmbH

    Our client is specialized in the development, assembly and logistics of high quality automobile cockpits. From more than 20 locations all over the world, complex cockpit modules are delivered to the OEMs just in sequence.   Position The future Assembly Manager (m/f) will be...

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