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Identify opportune moments to get in touch with people

  • A special overview provides you with selected updates about your bookmarked leads (e.g. career changes and new XING contacts).
  • That way you have good reasons for getting in touch with someone.

View key profile details

  • That way you can instantly find out more about people.
  • As a result, you can decide whether someone is a potential lead without leaving the search results.

Your personal link to your leads

  • ProBusiness shows you how you're connected to your leads.
  • That way you can see whether it makes sense to contact someone directly or if you have the option of using one of your contacts to help you get in touch with a potential lead.

Use commonalities to break the ice

  • The search results and your lead list show you what you have in common with people you find and bookmark, e.g. events you both attended or XING Groups you both joined.
  • You can then use these commonalities as a conversation starter.

Bookmark and manage your leads

  • You can bookmark potential leads in a separate list and then assign statuses you can use to filter your list. This makes it much easier for you to manage your leads and get in touch with them at just the right moment.
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