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FreelancerManager Privacy Policy

This FreelancerManager Privacy Policy supplements the XING Privacy Policy. The FreelancerManager enables the Customer to create and manage freelancer pools consisting of interesting XING members and third parties who work as Freelancers or are self-employed (hereafter Freelancers) with the aim of working with Freelancers on projects and staying in touch with Freelancers with regard to future project work.

The FreelancerManager provides the Customer with automatically updated freelancer pools consisting of XING members and third parties who work as Freelancers. The FreelancerManager also informs the Company about relevant Freelancer activity on XING while also making it easy to stay in touch with Freelancers. In addition, the FreelancerManager enables Customers to send messages to Freelancers containing details about potential project work.

The Customer can add XING members as well as non-XING members to its FreelancerManager. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that it is legally permitted to add people as Freelancers to the FreelancerManager. In the event of any doubt, the Customer must obtain consent from those affected prior to adding them to the FreelancerManager.