Privacy policy


Privacy Policy for the XING TalentpoolManager

This Privacy Policy for the XING TalentpoolManager supplements the general Privacy Policy of XING.

The Customer can use the XING TalentpoolManager to create so-called “talent pools” and, within them, manage and maintain contact with XING members and third parties of interest in terms of future hiring activities.

The XING TalentpoolManager grants access to automatically updated talent pools which contain XING members who follow a company profile on that has been connected to the XING TalentpoolManager along with XING members who, in their user profile, have stated the company as being an ideal employer. The Customer will receive updates about relevant activities of talent-pool candidates on XING and can use e-mail campaigns to easily stay in touch with candidates.

The Customer can add XING members to the XING TalentpoolManager.

Moreover, Customers can use the XING TalentpoolManager to message candidates about suitable vacancies. The XING TalentpoolManager can be connected with the XING TalentManager.

The Customer can also save non-XING members in the XING TalentpoolManager. The Customer is responsible for ensuring legal compliance with regard to saving individuals as candidates in the XING TalentpoolManager. In the event of any doubt, the Customer should obtain the respective individual’s permission prior to saving said individual’s details in the XING TalentpoolManager.