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DriveByte GmbH


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DriveByte GmbH
DriveByte GmbHposted an update17 August 2022
🚨Cyber News 🚨 👉US law enforcement has dismantled infrastructure used by a Russian botnet responsible for compromising millions of computers and internet-connected devices worldwide. 👉Cybercrooks have previously paid the ‘RSOCKS’ botnet to leverage hacked devices to carry out large-scale credential stuffing attacks, whereby stolen login credentials are automatically fed into online login pages. Want to learn more? Visit 🔗 Give this post a ❤️and follow us for more! #drivebyt...
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DriveByte GmbH
DriveByte GmbHposted an update16 August 2022
🚨Cyber News 🚨 👉Bugcrowd announced a strategic reseller partnership with SocialProof Security, furthering the company’s mission to keep customers a step ahead of evolving cyber threats. 👉As part of the partnership, Bugcrowd will resell SocialProof Security’s services, including social engineering prevention training, protocol and practitioner workshops, and penetration testing. Want to learn more? Visit 🔗 Follow us for more content like this! ❤️ #drivebyte #cybernew...
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