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SEPAexpress by b4payment


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SEPAexpress by b4payment
SEPAexpress by b4paymentposted an update10 August 2023
SEPA direct debit – all you need to know The SEPA Direct Debit scheme enables companies and customers to make cross-border payments within the SEPA area (Single European Payment Area). For this purpose, the debtor gives the creditor permission to automatically debit the amount due from his bank account by means of a mandate (so-called pull payment). Pull payments like SEPA direct debit are part of account-to-account payments. More information about SEPA direct debit can be found on our blog http...

SEPAexpress by b4payment
SEPAexpress by b4paymentposted an update8 August 2023
Unlock Your Benefits: Experience seamless SEPA direct debit processing alongside advanced security layers through our Open Banking services. Explore our versatile offerings, including Request to Pay solutions and flexible payout choices. We provide comprehensive mandate management, fastest performance reports and reconciliation services ensure you never lose sight of your transactions. Discover the complete SEPAexpress product portfolio right here: #a2a ...
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SEPAexpress by b4payment
SEPAexpress by b4paymentposted an update3 August 2023
Account-to-account (A2A) payments directly transfer money from one account to another cutting out card schemes and their transaction costs making it a fully-fledged rival to debit and credit cards. A recent survey found that more than half of consumers would be willing to pay account-to-account if given the choice. The same survey also noted that a third of consumers said that a trusted brand would encourage them to use A2A instead of cards. Study sources and benefits of A2A payments can be foun...
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SEPAexpress ist ein technischer White-Label-Zahlungsdienstleister, der internationalen Kunden eine selbst entwickelte Lösung für die schnelle, sichere und kostengünstige Massenverarbeitung von Lastschriften und Auszahlungen bietet. Unser Anliegen ist es die Zukunft digitaler Zahlungslösungen zu optimieren. Mit dem Teilbereich Lastschriften haben

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