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Save your costs and time through ALTHOM. Rely on a company that supports its clients successfully for many years with great expertise. ALTHOM´s experienced and intercultural project management team takes care of the entire realization of your plans – of course, at the highest quality standards.

We will gladly manage your processes allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies and to keep your flexibility. ALTHOM: WE OFFSHORE – YOU PROFIT.

If you are facing a complex task, it is often worth consulting an expert. ALTHOM has many years of experience with offshoring processes, production control, manufacturing and quality management according to the German and international standards. ALTHOM is your contact person at the administration site (on-site) and also responsible for meeting deadlines, in compliance with planned costs and quality standards of the production abroad.

Technical products require precise documentations, well prepared presentations and texts which comply with regulations and directives. ALTHOM combines technical and linguistic know-how to deliver documentations and translations in compliance with all important international standards. ALTHOM creates documentation according to your individual needs in-house or in one of our offshore production centers. More than 25 years of experience in technical documentation proof that ALTHOM knows what it takes to establish smooth engineering communication.

CAE Analysis & Simulation, Material Testing & Mechanical Behaviour Characterisation and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – cost-optimised and tailored to your specific requirements, applications and business types. ALTHOM is developing solutions consistently focused towards current demand and the highest technical standards, with applications across all industries. ALTHOM’s commitment, performance and collaboration keeps engineering projects running flawlessly. Talk to us about your projects and let us surprise you with the range of our near- and offshore ideas. ALTHOM’s flexibility ranges from answering particular isolated needs to providing integrated global project management solutions, while maintaining smoothly organized processes and a unique price to quality ratio.

ALTHOM’s recruiting service includes the search, selection and placement of professional experts, executive managers as well as young professionals. ALTHOM finds constellations which offer you high cost efficiencies and best candidates for your open vacancies . We connect engineers and let them benefit from each other - the young ones from the experienced and the experienced ones from the ones with innovative ideas. ALTHOM is always looking for talents, specialists and experts in various fields of engineering and management. Furthermore, ALTHOM takes care of candidates during the first steps of application processes and of its constantly growing network of engineering professionals.

If your market’s growth rate is slow or moderate and you are facing difficulties in meeting your need for growth in your portfolio, in house or contracted Research and Development may be the solution. New ideas are required to keep your company at the forefront of global technology achievements and to improve your competitiveness in an antagonistic business environment. It takes a specialized skill set to cultivate new technologies, develop new processes or enhance already existing ones. ALTHOM’s highly skilled employees, with several years of experience in relevant projects, provide you with the necessary R&D support to advance these technologies and bring new products to the market. Talk to us about your ideas and let us convert them into innovation.

ALTHOM team accompanies your offshore activities. Rely on us like many small business and listed groups such as EADS/Airbus do already for many years. ALTHOM provides individual offshore consulting in order to enhance your success. Besides consulting companies and helping them plan and implement offshore structures ALTHOM also takes care of the entire production management.

We look forward to supporting you with the successful implementation of your plans!