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ALTHOM is a specialist for Technical Publications and Engineering services located in Hamburg, Germany.

As we are growing, ALTHOM is developing and establishing new offices worldwide. Our customer is our partner and friend who we treat respectfully to assure highest satisfaction. We respond to all your wishes and requirements self-evidently.

ALTHOM empowers manufacturers and technicians to work together efficiently. To support other companies success and peoples security, ALTHOM relieves your company by delivering high qualified and certified services.

ALTHOM provides the most comprehensive range of Technical Publications and Engineering services with a lot of advantages as flexibility, best image, highest quality, structured processes and an enlarged supplier and partner network to serve your satisfaction and confidence.

We put special emphasis on

·         Technical Publications

·         Engineering

·         Offshore Production Management

·         Offshoring Consulting

·         Staff Recruitment

As one of the most competitive Technical Documentation service providers, ALTHOM produces about 250 thousand pages and 50 thousand illustrations each year. 

ALTHOM´s experienced team works with passion worldwide. You can find us not only in Hamburg, Germany but also in Greece, Poland and India where our team works together with enthusiasm and passion. The diversity of cultures, experiences, knowledge and motivated attitude enables us to achieve high quality services for all our customers.

ALTHOM´s everyday life consists of willingness, precision, on-time delivery, flexibility and most importantly having your satisfaction as our main aim.

ALTHOM- support for success- YOU CAN COUNT ON US



Visit us here :



Schnackenburgallee 117

22525 Hamburg, Deutschland

Telefon: +49 (0) 40 41 30 79 802

Fax:+49 (0) 40 41 30 79 815



Amtsgericht Hamburg


Alkiviadis Thomas

Registration Number:

HRB 115399

Tax Identification Number (pursuant to Article 27 a Turnover Tax Law (UStG):
DE 273 504 269


Qualifizierten Bewerbern und Bewerberinnen bietet ALTHOM Flexibilität, anspruchsvolle Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten, Zufriedenheit. Sowohl in einem unseren Niederlassungen als auch bei großen Kunden vor Ort. Hier macht nicht jeder was er will, sondern was er liebt.