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ALTHOM specializes in superior Technical Publications and Engineering Services and has its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany with offices in Germany, Greece and Poland.

We take our greatest pride in partnering with our customers to create individually tailored services that assure satisfaction.  To this end, we respond to each customer’s wishes and requirements to produce exacting results.

Working directly with manufacturers and technicians around the world, ALTHOM delivers precise technical solutions and streamlined processes, to boost our clients’ production and profits.  Delivering highly qualified and certified services makes us a valuable partner.

While ALTHOM covers a comprehensive range of Technical Publications and Engineering Services, we have a special talent in the areas of:

·         Near- and Offshoring Services

·         Offshore Consulting

·         Staff Recruitment

As one of the industry’s leading Technical Documentation Service Providers, ALTHOM’s teams of specialists produce an astonishing 250,000 pages of technical documentation and 50,000 technical illustrations every year, for scores of clients around the world.

At ALTHOM, our principles for success are based on the fundamental philosophy of delivering the highest quality at the best value.  Our client-partner’s satisfaction is our highest objective.

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Schnackenburgallee 117

22525 Hamburg, Deutschland
Tel.:+49 (0) 40 41 30 79 802

Fax:+49 (0) 40 41 30 79 815

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