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IFEN GmbH is a leading provider of GNSS navigation products and services, with a technology portfolio that includes GNSS Simulators, software receivers, test ranges, data processing tools and seamless LBS. IFEN’s outstanding satellite navigation expertise and extensive experience offers customers a range of services, from GNSS system studies and design and development of GNSS software and hardware through to research and development of navigation and integrity algorithms and engineering of turnkey facilities and systems.

IFEN was founded in 1998 as a technology spin-off of the “Universität der Bundeswehr”, Munich. The company Name IFEN is derived from the name of the university’s department of geodesy and navigation, “Institut für Erdmessung und Navigation”. IFEN was starting up with service contracts on EGNOS development, later also on Galileo. Service contracts in all fields of GNSS remain an important source of work, turnover and know-how for us until today.

Product Research and Innovation

IFEN is committed to provide you with the best available solutions for all your testing applications. Therefore we developed different classes of GNSS RF constellation signal generators to fulfil and to exceed your demand in today’s and tomorrow’s GNSS testing.

NavX-NCS GNSS Simulators

The NavX-NCS (Navigation Constellation Simulator) GNSS test solutions provide a complete range of world class testing equipment and services complementing each other. The integrated GNSS test workflow offers you superior benefits in flexibility, capability and usability in all your possible applications. No matter whether you test GPS-only receivers during the production process, integrate GPS/GLONASS receivers or want to develop multi-GNSS signal processing: The 100% repeatable RF signal simulation of NavX-NCS is today’s most precise GNSS test solution available. It is compact, energy saving and can be operated by users in a highly comprehensible, logical way.

The NavX-NCS is the most flexible and capable RF signal generator for the simulation of GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, QZSS and SBAS constellations on the market. With up to 9 L-band frequencies and 108 RF channels, it re-defines the state of the art in RF signal simulation.

SX3 Software Receiver

Our worldwide unique GNSS Software Receiver is a powerful research tool. It fully meets some of the most crucial demands of the GNSS scientific and R&D community.

IFEN's SX3 multi-GNSS software receiver tracks all known GNSS signals in view, in real-time on a standard laptop now and in the foreseeable future (up to 1000 channels in parallel on a core i7). The included RF-front end offers four RF frequency paths with 50 MHz bandwidth each, covering the entire GNSS L-band spectrum. The USB 3.0 interface enables high-speed data transfer with up to 8 bit quantization. Among other options a dual RF input front end is available as well. This can for example be used for attitude determination, reflectometry and other applications requiring the synchronized input from two antennas. An optional, built-in shock and vibration robust OCXO reference oscillator (MIL-STD 202G) is available, which replaces the standard high quality TCXO normally used.

The SX3 is applicable in a wide field of different GNSS research areas. It is designed as a scientific tool developed by leading scientists to meet their own, highly specific but widespread demands in their own research. SX3 is a tool made by professionals for professionals.

IFEN’s Vision and Commitment

We are dedicated to pushing the boundary in all scientific applications of satellite navigation technology. This means to create and to make available practical GNSS receiver, algorithms and applications test solutions for GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, QZSS or multi-GNSS receiver development for testing, verification and system integration. All of this at the best price-performance ratio, meant to keep ourselves and our customers ahead of the competition. As a medium sized, privately owned enterprise in a fast developing market, we commit to our values.

These are the full satisfaction and an entire understanding of our customers and their needs in satellite navigation testing and GNSS signal processing. We commit to the tech-inspired, open-minded and family-like GNSS scientific community. This enables us to provide edge cutting solutions for commercial applications in all different stages of the value creation chain. The provision of a secure, responsible and rewarding working environment for our employees is the base for our own and our customer’s advance by innovation