About us

perezramerstorfer is a multidisciplinary and multicultural studio, founded by Martina Pérez (born in Linz) and Rodrigo Pérez (born in the Canary Islands). We have a global vision of design, featuring work in the fields of product design, visual communication, corporate identity (CI) and creative projects. We offer a service for the whole design process which provides us a framework for our creativity. We put emphasis on original ideas and concepts, on maintaining quality throughout all stages of the design process paying attention to every detail in order to generate added value.

Our passion for our work, our willingness to learn, the combination of our skills and talents and of our different cultural backgrounds are the sources of our creativity. We work as flexible as possible approaching and treating each project as unique. We build up personalized teams adapted to their real needs. In this way we can manage projects of different sizes and nature.

We believe that a good cooperation with the client is essential for the sucess of each project. We look for clients who understand the value of Design and Creativity, and who want to start up innovative, meaningful, emotional and unique projects.