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think-cell Software GmbH

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think-cell is the leading provider when it comes to professional charting in Microsoft PowerPoint. More than 600,000 users world-wide rely on our software for their daily business as it makes creating PowerPoint presentations so much easier, faster and more enjoyable. Among our customers are not only 8 of the top 10 consulting companies, but also 65 of the top 100 US blue chip companies.

Therefore we are always looking for bright people with strong analytical and interpersonal skills to strengthen our growing business. In contrast to larger software companies, we do not have program managers who specify every feature down to the shortest line of code. Of course there is guidance from our technical director, but all developers work on their own program components autonomously. Your ideas are welcome, even if we have to change a lot of code to make things better.

Working at think-cell means working with a dynamic team on cutting-edge software. There are no deep management structures, no meetings, no deadlines and no long decision-making processes. We offer a modern office environment in the heart of Berlin, a full-time company nanny, and a very competitive salary: For example, for developers, EUR 120,000 annually after one year of employment.

Company details


Headquarter: Berlin

Year founded: 2002

Company size: 11-50 employees

Specialties: Software development, Computer graphics, C++, and PowerPoint charting