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Adenso offers cross-sectional competence and technologies in the fields of R2R, UTG, VacBots, Automation.

To Adenso customers, specific prototypes, research modules and production systems of any dimension form the basis for globally successful business models.

In the field of wafer handling solutions, Adenso – which is part of Silicon Saxony – offers a range of products for substrate handling in vacuums and glove-box systems. Adenso robot solutions for high-vacuum environments possess a range of unique characteristics, which means that these solutions are used all over the world and are valued for their reliability, especially in semiconductor production.

The highly successful Adenso concept for VacBots offers customers a needs-based, tailored solution comprising existing or modified vacuum robotics modules.

The basic layout + wafer handling robot + wafer handling module + LoadLock module together create a turnkey product with defined interfaces.


- WaferHandlingRobot, VAC.BOT, LoadLockModule, WaferAlignmentModule,
- Foup300-VAC-LoadPort for direct loading of wafers into vacuum environment
- Manual LoadLocks with heating/cooling


Roll-to-roll systems for flexible and sensitive materials:
- ATM, VAC, INERT-environments
- foils from polymer, metal, glass
- UTG ultra thin glass
- lamination, heating, cooling
- integration of all kind of customer processes


- assembly modules/lines


- UTG winding plants
- UTG process modules for processing ultra thin glass that integrates all customer processes (atmosphere, glove-box, vacuum, scaleable) for coating, structuring, annealing, laminating for research and production.
But Adenso does more than just develop the technology for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of things, because it also deploys this technology in its own products. This means that the data from all Adenso robots is collected in a European Adenso.ToolCloud.

Branches: semiconductor, PV, solar heat, lighting, illumination, LED, display, touch screen, energy storage, battery,


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