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Advansa Marketing GmbH

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ADVANSA is a leading European fiber producer, based in Germany, and supplying customers worldwide through our network of logistic centers and representative offices.

 Using advanced and sustainable fiber technology, ADVANSA develops and markets a large fiber portfolio which is suitable for many different applications, such as:

- Fiber filling for home textiles, especially pillows, duvets, mattresses and furniture.

- Shortcut fibers for filtration, tea bags and coffee filters, decoration, specialty paper, wallpaper, adhesive tapes, battery separators, etc.

- Staple specifically designed for applications such as hygiene, medicine, construction, automotive and technical end uses.

We offer shorcut, staple and tow from following polymers:

  • PET 
  • BiCo (PET/CoPET)
  • PAN
  • ox.PAN
  • PP
  • PA 6.6
  • PLA