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About us

About us 

AeroFEM is since 2002 an experienced and competent partner for engineering services. The company is primarily focused on aerospace, wind energy and transportation. Mechanical engineering, structural steelwork and medical engineering complement the AeroFEM range of skills. Currently, the company employs 15 engineers and two persones for administration services.


Simulation and Engineering

Numerical analysis

·       Creation of finite element models for static, dynamic and aeroelastic analysis

·       Implicit analysis with NX Nastran (linear and nonlinear)

·       Linear structural analysis

·       Nonlinear structural analysis (large displacements, material nonlinearities, etc.)

·       Stability analysis (buckling)

·       Dynamic analysis (time and frequency domain)

·       Thermal analysis

·       Optimisation

·       Explicit analysis with LS-DYNA and NX Nastran Advanced Nonlinear

·       Impact analysis (e.g. birdstrike)

·       Earthquake analysis

·       Analysis of mechanical systems (e.g. control system of aircrafts)

·       Rotor dynamic analysis with GAROS and NX Nastran

·       Aeroelastic analysis for aircraft and wind turbines

·       DMAP programming for NX Nastran

·       Flow analysis (in collaboration with partner companies)


Load analysis

·       Loads analysis for aircraft and helicopters, in accordance to the FAR/ JAR/ CS

        regulations (VLA, 22, 23, 25, 27, 29)

·       Determinations of dynamic loads from tests

·       Development of fatigue spectra

·       Loads calculation according to DIN/ EN/ ISO

·       Calculation of interface loads for components


Mechanical analysis and stability analysis

·       Strength verification according to regulations and standards

·       Fatigue analysis (in collaboration with partner companies)

·       System stability analysis (aeroelasticity)


Certification & verification

·       Certification planning

·       Certification reporting for components and subassemblies

·       CVE activities for companies holding an EASA DO approval


Structural testing

·       Test specifications and test plans

·       Selection of test institutes

·       Test lead and conduction

·       Test reporting


Design of structural components

·       Feasibility studies

·       Conceptual design for systems and components

·       3D-CAD modelling (Siemens NX)

·       Production documents creation (drawings, parts lists)


Production support

·       Support for production and quality assurance

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