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amperetta hybrid drive
amperetta GmbH (ltd.) developed the first fully integrated hybrid drive for recreational watercrafts. This drivetrain was the first powerful and affordable full-hybrid on the water. A strong electric motor will accelerate the vessel up to gliding phase and operates almost silently at slow and moderate speeds. This allows the crew of the boat to enjoy the sounds of nature and reduces the negative impact on the environment. The hybrid drive is therefore also suitable for protected areas, where the use of combustion engines is forbidden.The ambitious start-up began with an electric integration for a single Volvo Penta engine. Nowadays the hybrid drive is compatible with various diesel engines made by Vovlo Penta, Yanmar and Mercury.

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amperetta GmbH
Berliner Strasse 44 | 14467 Potsdam

Phone: +49-331-28 8383 50

Represented by the managing partner: Andreas Münster

Listed in the commercial register:
Register-Nr: HRB 26136 P
Court district: Potsdam, Brandenburg (Germany)

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