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Who we are

Anvajo is a health tech start-up and spin-off of the University of Technology in Dresden, Germany.

What we do

Anvajo GmbH is a developer and manufacturer of point-of-care solutions for laboratory diagnostic testing of liquids. After six years of research, the anvajo team has developed a portable device for point-of-care analysis for various industries. 

 The Anvajo POC-solution combines the two central laboratory technologies: 1. spectroscopy and 2. microscopy in one portable diagnostic device. The fluidlab is an innovative platform solution combining the ideal features of point-of-care testing technology: easy to use, accurate and reliable, rapid, inexpensive, connected, portable and comprehensive. The performance of each test is supported by using a sample carrier system to process and deliver the fluid to be analyzed. 

 The central areas of application are science, human and veterinary medicine and environmental analyses. In veterinary and human medicine, the device can be used to carry out quick diagnostic testing of blood, urine and sperm at the point-of-need. Our aim is to make a direct contribution to diagnostics in particular to the diagnosis of infection in the field of human medicine, in order to reduce the improper use of antibiotics and the resulting costs for the healthcare system. 

 Improving general care is an overarching goal through the use of our solution, especially in underdeveloped regions, emerging and developing countries where only inadequate laboratory infrastructure exists. 

Join our team

Currently we are looking for highly motivated individuals with expertise in 

  • software development (C++)
  • production/montage engineering

To see the complete job descriptions please visit our website:

Contact us

Anvajo GmbH
Burckhardtstr. 6
01307 Dresden

Telefon: +49 (0) 351 84161790